Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Miracles

Up burning the midnight oil as usual. Was addressing my Christmas cards ha, and planning what I have to do tomorrow to get ready for the party we are having. Fun fun. The Hardings are back! they arrived tonight. So fun. The funniest part about today is that a 57 year old man asked me out. I know his age because I was at the county court house appearing before the honorable judge somebody to get a court date to dispute a ticket I got (I know you are thinking I am just like mom, Dad ha. but i will have you know that I didn't lose my cell phone. The mystery was solved when Dave checked the phone records and when it was last used. It was Kelly calling during the stake music program where i was playing violin. Rachel took it out of my purse and gave it to guess who..... Dave! I said, go and check your suit pocket. Lo and behold, there it was! Yeahhhhhhhh! I knew I didn't misplace it!!) Anyway back to court. We all had to state our name and birth date etc. And his was 1949! He was a outspoken Bostonian who could easily have been one of the police officers on NYPD. He seriously was like a TV character. So he comes and sits by me, and asks if I have had breakfast yet. of course. Then he asks for a pen, and wants me to write down my number to which I replied, "Are you for REAL?" He said yes, and I said no! I couldn't believe it. I was going to give him a pass along card, but I decided no after that. ha ha. My kids think it is the funniest story ever. Leah after thoughtfully mulling it over said, "You should have nicely said thank you, but that you are married.
OK Christmas was so wonderful, and I want to share it all but like Kelly, I am ready to move on. But I have to share three Christmas miracles we experienced.
The first has to do with Dad and Kathi coming. We had so much fun with them. It has been hard to heal from my mom's death and be able to handle my Dad having a new wife. It has been a time thing for me. I have always thought Kathi a very nice person, but I felt ready to really open my heart to her, and enjoy being with her without feeling weird or sad. To be able to overcome my the pain and hurt that I felt was the best Christmas present that I received, and it truly was a gift. When I read this quote from President Hinkley, it pretty much summed it up for me. "Most of us have not reached that stage of compassion and love and forgiveness. It is not easy. It requires a self-discipline almost greater than we are capable of. But as we try, we come to know that there is a resource of healing, that there is a mighty power of healing in Christ, and that if we are to be His true servants we must not only exercise that healing power in behalf of others, but, perhaps more important, inwardly. " Love is always a good thing, a good choice. And it was so beautiful to see the result of Love. On Christmas morning as Kathi read the card that Rachel took so much time to make her in which she expressed her great love for her new Grandma Kathi, I started crying as I watched Kathi cry more and more with each line. To be loved is a wonderful thing. My children are such great examples of that. They know how to love. Love isn't a resource that we need to use sparingly. We don't only have so much in us to give. In fact the more you give, the greater capacity you have to give even more. It is an amazing thing. So all this to say...Kathi I am so glad you are a part of our family. We will always be here for you. We will always love you. We welcome you with open arms and open hearts.
The second Christmas miracle occurred on Christmas eve. Two other families (although so many others were involved) gathered at our home on Christmas eve. Normally we just read the Christmas story, open our Christmas eve gift (PJ's) put Santa's cookies out and hop in bed. Or at least some of us hop in bed. This whole routine seems magical, and is a wonderful tradition. But I definitely think that nothing has brought more magic, more Christmas spirit, and more of the feeling of Christ as what we did this Christmas eve. Back to story. I get carried away sometimes (OK all the time). We gathered together to wrap and prepare a Christmas for a family in need. Food, stockings, clothes, bedding, bikes. It took three vans full to carry it all over. Wow, the generosity of so many. We all piled in our cars with all our kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles and followed in a line over to their house. The Christmas lights never twinkled so bright and our hearts were never so merry. My girls could hardly contain their excitement and kept proclaiming how much they love service. Leah said, "I feel so happy for them, they will be so grateful, I love to do service, and more which i can't remember, and then said, this is my testimony. It was so sweet. The warm spirit of Christmas was glowing on her little face, and on her sisters'. When we got there we all piled out and with great enthusiasm we all unloaded everything filling their whole living room. The once barren Christmas tree was piled high with fun surprises. I got a call from a very grateful mother, who said she couldn't believe it, and we will never know how much she appreciated it. She said it was all she could do to keep the kids from opening the gifts until morning. At the last minute as I was walking out the door to deliver the gifts (everyone was waiting in their vans) and I remembered that I had come across some lamps in the closet that we weren't using and thought I bet they don't have lights. I ran and grabbed them and hauled them out to the car. How cool it was to hear her say, I plugged in all the lights. How did you know that we needed lights. Heavenly Father loves us each so much. He knows what is going on in our lives, he knows our needs. He is mindful of us and hears our prayers. We just need to listen so we can help Him answer them. I will never forget this Christmas and the special feelings we have. Our New Years Goal will definitely be to continue our service throughout the year.
The third has to do with who we were secretly doing the twelve days of Christmas for. Every night we left a different piece of a nativity set, with treats, a scripture, story, and thoughts along with it. It really kept us on thinking about the meaning of Christmas as we picked out stories. I don't know this family very well. I have only spoke with the Mom at the door a couple of times for a few minutes, but I have really felt drawn to them. Well, Dave just told me that our home teacher who is also this families home teacher told him that the 16 year old boy from this family who has never come to church came Christmas morning, as he introduced himself in priesthood he said that this was his first time coming and he planned on continuing to do so. These are the best presents. While I love my chocolate fountain that I got, nothing brings more joy than to see my own life, or someone else's changed for the better. A heart softened, a load lightened, a testimony of Christ born. These are the greatest miracles in life.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rachel has a blog check it out!!!

Rachel's blog address has changed Aren't you proud? I learned how to link. ha Also, I just realized that only people from blogger could comment and Dave helped me change that! Yeah!

Can't sleep thought I'd blog.

The whole house is quiet. Not a creature is stirring not even a mouse. Kids are still asleep by the tree. We stayed up super late watching a movie. See below. Couldn't sleep I have so many thoughts running through my mind. Good thoughts. I have to get them down somewhere. I am enjoying blogging so much, I can't believe it! My hip sisters Kelly and Nicole made me start one. i had never even heard of them. they set it all up and pushed me to make entries. They still get calls from me with my technical difficulties. For instance Kelly how do I highlight a person's name and blog within my post so people can just click on it and it takes them there. I need to know that. I started blogging to just communicate with my family. Since there are so many of us and we love to talk of course and know every funny detail of each others lives, and we don't live by each other which is so hard. We miss each others kids and we are getting busier and busier and can't just talk on the phone for hours and hours with each one. Also, I can share pictures with what is going on and i lovvveeee photography, it makes me so happy. I love to look at pictures over and over again. i am also a lover of journaling. I have journals starting back from 5th grade. The first one is in a hello kitty/little twin stars diary. love it. It has love notes in in from my first boyfriend. He asked if he could hold my hand on the bus. he was an older man a 6th grader. So FUN! I love on cjane's enjoy it blog (she is an incredible writer-thanks for the tip kel) she has the quote "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." I love that. That is why I love to journal and scrapbook. So ok I am not doing either for frequently anymore because I am so on the go. ENter BLOGGER. I can sit down at the computer. no mess. it is quick and jot down some thoughts and share my life. I really only planned on my family reading it and have almost stopped or put a password on so it would stay that way because not everyone may understand or get me like they do. For instance, I love to profess opinions that are not my own to get a rise or a laugh out of them. (ok so it is my fault that Rachel has been embarassing us since she was 2). I love that I can totally be myself without fear of judgement. I don't have to be careful about what I say. I love to be naughty in my own way sometimes. I 'm a tease ok. I love to be preachy to my family although I am getting much better at that don't you think guys. I mean being less so. Or at least now you get me, and realize that I don't think that I am any better. I just love you sooooo danggggg muchhhhhhhhhh! So anyway, i keep doing it and let it be out there because maybe just maybe it will bring a smile to someones face, make them laugh, lift them up, help them realize we are all in this crazy thing called life together and it is fun. Life is embarrassing, disappointing, discouraging, but also such a way awesome experience. Lots of ups and down, "the key is to enjoy the ride" a quote from President Hinkley the amazing prophet of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I will dig up the whole quote. Writing things down. Makes me realize how much I do enjoy all the little things in life. I wish I could have every good thought, idea, wish documented somewhere so I could enjoy it over and over. Like I wish I could always remember the conversations that I had with jacob when he was four years old. The feelings that I felt in so mannnyy manyy instances in life. Because when I read it again, it brings it all back and I can love that moment and feel the warmth of it over and over. ok so another thing you should know about me which you probably have already realized. I don't like to be bothered to be meticulous with my punctuation. At one time (this is so my husband) I asked Dave what I could do to better our relationship. His answer was work on my punctuation. That makes me so laugh. Can you see that I married my opposite. I couldn't even get in his brain on that one, I mean who caresss!!! opps that says carress instead of cares ha ha. I mean when does it ever affect him, how often do I write to him. I have to make him look at my blog occasionally. OH how I have come to love him more and more over the years. Marriage is a good thing. Rachel (who also is concerned about my punctuation) said in the car last night. You know one of those moments where it is out of the blue. 10 oclock at night and we are delivering our secret santa gift for the night that we forgot to do earlier (speaking of which I should do tonights right now) and she says. i am really scared. I listen. (i am getting alot better at that too) I am scared to get married because what if things go bad and we get divorced. She was scared she would marry the wrong person etc. I told her that all marriages are hard. The key is to just be willing to keep on working through all the hard problems. To communicate always and be working on it always. It is the most important thing!! Dad is not perfect (despite what Rachel thinks). She thinks the one perfect guy her Dad is already taken. How cute is that. I assured her that Dad is not perfect, I am. Ha ha. that is a serious joke. We have had to work really really hard and still do. We just make it look easy. ha ha. Yes choosing a good guy is so important. But Heavenly Father will help her through the Holy Ghost. The most important thing is so find someome who loves the Lord and wants to serve him by serving others his whole life, who wants a family, who is a hard worker, who is worthy to take her to the temple. Then it is a work in progress. I love Rachel. I love her heart. I love her spirit. "The force is strong with this one." (i love star wars too. hee hee) I was getting so crazy the other day the night and morning before picking up my dad from the airport. I felt so anxious with a house to get ready and so much more to do, and the kids are watching tv all relaxed and hanging out, and dave is playing pool with jacob. I had to go off. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!! I NEED HELP!! I don't do that very often any more, but there it is. Everyone started moving and we got it all done, but not without some people getting a little upset with me. I have to share the letter that Rachel wrote me. I have to get her permission first this time. oh and you have to see the cutest idea for a christmas treat that our sweet friends had (you know who you are) . It said on it. Have a rootin tootin holiday. so cute. I love that we move often and I can copy these ideas and claim it as my own ha ha. Kelly, I also need to know how to move my pictures around. Like I want the one up top down here by where I wrote about it. OOOOOOHHH and I just found the link button but I don't know how to use it. Anyways, thanks for listening. I feel much better now. smile. Have a fun day full of all the holiday activities. We will be making goodies, wrapping presents, doing last minute shopping, looking at lights tonight, so fun. i love this time of year.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Some dreams do come next entry

Dave's midlife crisis

I am seriously embarrassed by the enormity of this tv. It is totally ridiculous. This is what happens when my Dad comes in town. His favorite thing in the world is buying tvs. So when Dave's lousy old 46 inch plasma (for heavens sake) went on the blitz right in the middle of the Byu game, that was the kicker. The boys loaded up in the car the next morning and headed out to do serious male bonding. This is seriously a dream come true for my little davey. LOve to see the little boy happy expressions on both dave and yes my dad. I guess there are way worse things that Dave could do to conquer his fears of growing older. SoYes, I do think it ridiculous, but dang I gotta go check this puppy out it is so amazing. Too many oohs and aahhhs coming from the other room. Dad is never going to leave now!!!! So I am off the watch invincible (I highly recommend this movie for the mid life crisis husband) with popcorn with hot tamales in it. Thanks Julie for getting us all started on that. If you haven't tried that combo you are missing out!!
ps. I am so laughing. I just heard Rachel saying in a funny voice. Nacho is bigger and
better than ever. also as a side note. Rachel just read on my blog that I had put her story and wasn't very happy that I had put her unfinished work. Oh writers.....
pps wait until you get a load of Dave's room in the house. I got my office and scrapbook room and he gets the loft. After a year and a half of him doing nothing in there i said I am going to make it a dance room. So after I priced mirrors, floors etc. he says, I am going to get a pool table. Guess where the "OLD" tv is going. I guess he deserves it after 37 years of schooling. I'll post the male area of our home soon. Of course it had to match the decor. I didn't let him do an african safari theme with a zebra rug etc. I am sorry but I just can't go that far. ha ha

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh my Happy little Life

One of my most favorite pictures from our photo shoot with Tara Whitney. I love it because the look on my face tells it all. How I feel about my life. The best husband, wonderful children, and loving everyday that I have with them! I am also at one of my favorite places... the beach. This is a beach in Laguna that is so breathtakingly beautiful. I wanted to curl up on a blanket with a book and yummy treats and read while the kids played. ooooo I need to go back soon and do that. I will post more favorites later. I want to watch a movie with davey and blogger takes too dang long to upload a lot of pictures.

warm feelings

ok last night was the warmest christmas feeling I have had this season. Our family went to a nursing home (care facility) to carol, bring treats, and visit. We got lost and missed the caroling but enjoyed visiting so much. I got to see the kids at their best. They hugged, kissed, and talked to everyone. They were glowing and loved every minute of it. You can imagine the joy they brought to these sweet elderly people. They couldn't get enough hugs. They wanted to give something back and would dig in their purses and pull out crackers (from dinner) and coins. So cute. One lady told us about her cat snickers. Of course the girls oooohed and ahhhed and the lady invited us up to her room to meet snickers. She was so sweet. We enjoyed visiting with her. I felt like we were in the movie "Mr. Kroegers Christmas, totally). We are definitely going back often. Dave was quite the favorite as well. This one lady was so funny and would speak Lithuanian to him. He told her, you have to speak english, and she'd say, oh, o.k. We left in such good spirits. This is definitely a tradition we will continue every christmas, as well as through the year. LOVE IT! And so for the pictures from the shoot. here are some.....

Sunday, December 17, 2006

sunday night

Again, I have so many funny stories to tell that it will take too long tonight. but my favorite Leah comment for the day is her looking in the mirror in my bathroom while I am getting ready and looking inside her nostrils she comments. I am getting grown up, I have hair in my nostrils. Please don't make me explain that to you.
I have felt a little down about some things the past couple of days, and so tired and a bit overwhelmed. Heavenly Father so takes care of me. I said to myself today, " I just can't handle any negative comments coming my way today." All day long it has been nothing but people complimenting me and showing such great love and care for me. We had 3 people drop by goodies. One, I just found on the doorstep with a note from a girl that just moved into our ward and today was her first day, and wanted to thank me for making her feel so welcome and happy to be in our ward. It really touched my heart. I so love all the women in our ward. It brings me to tears everytime I think of them. I was in walmart yesterday in the self check line and didn't have enough money for all that I had. I had to not get some things that I needed for the kids lunches. The young mom behind me noticed this. She is in our ward and her husband is a student. that night Dave walks in and says why are these groceries on our porch? I couldn't believe it, it was the stuff I had to put in the to go back cart. It was purely out of the kindness of her heart. And darn her she won't let me give her money for it. there are so many scary things going on in the world, but so so so much good too. One person can make a huge difference and we really can have peace and joy everyday despite it all. More funny stories and pictures tomorrow. I am determined to get some sleep tonight. I also did another photo shoot that I need to put the pictures on for. So fun. Here is a teaser though............ Ashley Hartvigson. Isn't she a beauty, and she is only 12!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Talk

Remember how I said at midnight I remembered that Rebecca needed to give a talk in church. Well, the next morning I didn't feel good and ended up staying in bed and not going to church. I was lying in bed getting out a picture of Christ she could take and Dave walks in with a slimfast for me and said I already helped her with it. What a MAN. Most of my prayers start with gratitude for Dave. Last night he helped me take furniture to a needy family, deliver a secret santa gift, copy pictures to a disc for me, helped me with some electrical difficulties. He is soooo the better half. Always there always calm and always supportive with all my crazy things i am running around doing. For all you girls out there who have yet to be married me...listen well to my advice. It is so worth finding one that loves the Lord more than anything, honors his priesthood, and is worthy to take you to the temple. Here is the talk that Dave helped Rebecca with.

Before we were born here on Earth, we lived in Heaven with our Heavenly Father. He is our Dad and he loves us. One day, He said he had to talk to us. He had a funny look on His face--He seemed happy and sad at the same time. He said it was time for us to grow up. We could learn and grow to be like Him! But it was not going to be easy. He said we would come down to this Earth, without any memory of our time with Him in Heaven. When we choose the right, on our own, we are becoming more like our Heavenly Father. he gave us parents, teachers, the scriptures, prayer, and the Holy Ghost to help us know what is right. He even sent our older brother, Jesus, to teach us and live a perfect life as an example. Everything in Heaven with Heavenly Father is perfect. We would not be able to go back to live with Him after our lives on Earth if we weren't perfect too. Even with all the help He has given us, Heavenly Father knew we would sometimes make mistakes and not choose the right. In our meeting with Heavenly Father, before we came to Earth, He told us that there was a way we could be perfect even if we made mistakes. Heavenly Father asked Jesus to take our sins upon Him. He said He would an dHe did. During His life on Earth, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gehtsemane and suffered the pain of everyone's sins. We were told that if we believe Jesus, follow His example, and accept His sacrifice, our sins will be forgiven. He has paid for them and they won't keep us from returning to live with Him and Heavenly Father if we repent. "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved."(John 3:16-17) I love Jesus for what He did for me. I always want to choose the right and follow Him. when I make mistakes, I pray to Heavenly Father and ask for the forgiveness He promised, the forgiveness that Jesus gives. I want to grow to be like Heavenly Father and return to live with Him after my life here on Earth. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I think pretty much my kids are some of the luckiest on the planet to have a Dad who not only knows these truths and follows them but is an example of them and teaches his kids the same. This Christmas season has been a special one for me. Being the Relief Society president has put me in a situation to serve so much, which constantly reminds me of the Savior and how much I love Him. I have really been trying to read my scriptures more and it has filled me with the spirit, and a greater love for those around me. True joy isn't in material things. It is the love in our hearts that is manifested in everything we do and say.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have so much more to post about and the best pictures from Disneyland--my scanner isn't working right now. dave where are you????

vintage disney

Flyin solo and on top of the world!!!


Don't you just love that first walk down mainstreet. The music playing, the anticipation of a magical day ahead....oh the plans...I love how they all have their maps out.

good times, good times

At the reindeer roundup! They had Santa's real reindeer (wink). Rachel and Jacob were off riding splash mountain together at the moment. Lizzie's highlight of the day was that in the parade as santa passed us he looked down at her and waved and said "good girl" She is beside herself. Needless to say she can't wait for christmas morning now that she had the Big Man's approval! YES! Dave has on his confused expression. Hopefully we worked out those kinks before the big photo shoot the next morning!!!

The pow wow

Jacob excitedly gathered the girls together for a quick pow wow as we waited to enter Disneyland. I am sure pumping them up to have a great day together with positive attitudes. so cute they are!

So excited!

this is the first expression of the girls when they realized that we were going to Disneyland (we were in the bathroom by the tram). Even the bathroom is magical. ha ha

Saturday, December 09, 2006

wish us luck

we are leaving tomorrow to southern ca. I can't wait to just sleep in the car. I am exhausted. We have been going non stop. Jacob had 3 basketball games for school this week (he made the team) It was emotionally exhausting just dealing with all of jacob's non stop worries about everything. The try outs, the first practice, the first game, his finals, etc. etc. so much to worry about. He was so nervous that he did bad on his test at school that he wouldn't look at it, and just stuck it in his bag. Than he handed it to me at home without looking at it and wanted me to break the news to him. He had 104%. Is this kid ridiculous or what. We have had 6 birthday parties to attend in the past two weekends on top of all the other stuff. Crazy. Oh, and I just remembered that someone called tonight and asked if Rebecca could give a talk in primary tomorrow on how Heavenly Father fulfilled his promise to send a savior. I guess I will just write up something since she is sleeping it is 12:15 am and I have a mtg. at 6:30 am. Now do you see why I can't wait to sleep. Disneyland on mon. beach photo shoot on tues. fun fun. the kids don't know we are going to Disneyland. They agreed to not go and use the money to help a needy family for christmas. They did it so willingly but their hearts were broken because they have been looking forward to it for so long. Dave and I felt bad because we had already told them for 2 months we were going so we are just going to have them work extra for money to buy gifts. Well, my house looks so cozy!!!!!! I wish you could all see it!!! Can't wait until you come Dad and Kathi. Dave has the pool table up and running now too. You better go and practice somewhere. We painted the loft this week too. Can you tell that Dave got his bonus. Yeah, out of debt for the new year!!!!!!!

kindergarten christmas concert

So very cute. Everyone watching was smilling ear to ear. Can you find Lizzie? She's waving at you. Wish you all could have been there.

I'm a photographer, i'm taking pictures

Our friends and neighbors the leonards. they are so cute! some of my favorite pics from the photo shoot today. So many more to still edit!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Do you think I could be the heroine of Rachel's next story (read the next post). Thanks for the cool pic. kell. I love it. It doesn't depict my real life at all which makes it fun. My real life is pajamas, no make up, doing laundry and wiping up sticky stuff off everything, and my favorite...listening to funny things that my kids say all day. Lizzie has been cracking me up lately from describing going to the bathroom as dropping logs, to her prayer tonight saying I love my mommy more than stinky feet. She thought she was so funny saying that and had to try really hard to keep serious as she said it. She has a quick wit and is very smart, but she still might have to repeat kindergarten. OHHH Lizzie.

I found the beginning of one of Rachel's love stories on my computer tonight as I was shutting down all the open windows. don't you love it. I have to find that other story she wrote. She is so fun. What cracks me up is she is constantly saying how gross boys are. ha ha.


Once Upon a time there lived a beautiful young princess (When I say young I mean 19.) Her name was Ediline and she yearned for love. One day while she was sitting by her window sill reading her book she saw two birds singing to one another. Then at that moment she yearned for love more than she ever had before. Then she stopped reading her book and thought up a plan.
I will now tell you her plan. She was going to go to the village as a villager and live there for as long as it takes to find true love. She was going to go as a villager because she wanted someone to truly love her, and love her for her and not for her money or fame. She had decided to put her plan into action in two weeks.

Monday, November 27, 2006

OH Lizzie

Lizzie has been so proud of herself that she hasn't opened any of the Christmas presents. A weakness of hers last year. It is so hard to resist! Right Kelly? ha ha. She keeps coming up to me and saying excitedly,"Mom, I haven't even oped a present, I only look at them, touch them, and hold them" That last one cracks me up. The way she says Hold so lovingly. I imagined her cuddling them gently trying to soak in all there magicalness(good word huh?). The season has begun and we are all loving it. The outrageous light contest has begun in our neighborhood. It was so fun all weekend to see all the guys out with ladders doing lights and all the mom's gathered and talking while the kids bike around and play. You gotta love arizona for that. Dave left last night to go work in Oregon for a week. He called me from his layover in Salt Lake exclaiming that it was 40 degrees there and they made them walk outside in it from the plane. We are way too spoiled.

She did it!

I am so proud of Rebecca. She has been working really hard to improve her attitude, and control her temper. We started a game where she
receives coins for when she is able to stop a tantrum when I ask her to and when she is helpful and has a good attitude. Then she has a chart that has the number of coins that she needs for certain rewards. For example 5= mom cozying with her in bed and talking for a long time before she goes to sleep. She has been saving for a Loooong time for these fake fingernails 50 COINS! She was so excited to pick them out from Walmart. Also, Rachel is playing and gets coins for being kind to Rebecca and has done so goood!! She has earned a scrapbooking session with mom at the cost of 50 coins. Being a Mom is a challenge but so worth it!! The best career on earth!!


i must admit this was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable thanksgivings ever. Slept in and went and got some donuts with the girls than came back and watched the parade while reclined looking at adds (are you jealous dad) and getting lots of loves from my babies. It was the BEESSSST (Nacho). At the table sat my darling husband playing "ticket to ride" our new favorite game with the other kiddos, and drinking egg nog. I didn't start cooking until noon. Made my few dishes and I was done. Our friends the Ellis' did the turkey and brought it to my oven so I enjoyed the yummy smell all day. They came later with more goodies and we had a relaxing afternoon/evening eating and playing games. Delightful. So full of thanks for a life filled with so much that brings me true joy! I am most thankful that my sweet Dave (after much prayer and temple attendance) is excited (and willing) to bring another little Ives into the world. We are all so excited!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rachel's 11th birthday party!

Saturday was quite the day for miss Rachel. 25 + girls came for a fun filled 3 hours of non stop craziness! We did egg tosses, races, water balloon volleyball, tosses, relay races, 3 legged race, did nails, made bracelets, played wink, etc. etc. I don't know who was more tired me or the girls. This is the first place we have lived where there are a lot of girls Rachel's age and that she clicks with. It has been the best to see her so happy this year. She has just blossomed . Rachel wanted to add into a beautiful butterfly, she was once a caterpillar, but is now a beautiful butterfly (I can't explain the accent she used ha). It has been quite the metamorphasis. ok gotta go the hometeachers are here and we have to be at choir in 10 minutes.

ooohhhh aaahhhhh!

she received a ridiculous amount of gifts. Forget christmas!

It's all over!

Look at what Rachel's mean mom did to her at the end of the party!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

SO Excited!

I am so excited because I did a photo shoot today for a friend for the first time in a long time and I forgot how happy it makes me. Here are some of my favorite shots. Aren't these girls beautiful.