Friday, August 29, 2008

YEAH i am Done!!!!

I just loved his embroidered initials on his cuffs. So cool. i always love the details!

You finally see the grooms face! Nancy I think he looks like your dear Barry.

After this day, I was so in love with being in love. My anniversary was the next day and I called dave and said that what I wanted for my anniversary was for him to treat me like when we first met. To be so in love that he couldn't stand not being with me all the time, no matter what I was doing. For example, after spending all day with dave before we were married. I had a date with someone else in the evening. I was running late because I was so enjoying my time with him. Dave helped me get ready by making me dinner while I showered and got ready. What a guy! That was my last date with someone else. We absolutely could not be separated. Our grades were not the best that semester. Dave worked for the head of the chemical engineering department doing experiments for him (I was working at blockbuster video ha ha ha. What can I say opposites attract), and could go to the lab on campus anytime to do his work. I decided to go with him and study while he worked. Yah, that lasted like 5 minutes. I really don't know how I was able to leave him and go on a mission. So anyway, Dave gave me the gift I desired. He hung out by the pool with me all day and we just chilled while the kids served us, bringing us whatever we wanted. It was awesome. I even got Dave to do something that you won't believe! He almost wouldn't because he said I would put it on the blog. ha ha. So I have been true to my word. If you can guess it though......... maybe he will let me tell. So you better comment and take a guess. So anyway again, I think this whole taking wedding pictures is a good thing for our marriage. Dave and I have been inseparable ever since. I just can't get enough of that boy er man I mean. I finally feel lately that his love for me is starting to reach the same amount of love that I have for him. ha ha. When we were first married I would always say to him, "Is it wrong to love you so much." when I seemed to be very demanding of his affections. It became a joke. So despite the many many struggles of marriage you young and still single gals out there..... it is so so worth it. And if you are struggling right now in your marriage, hang in there. Again it is so so worth it. Make your marriage your top priority. Drop all activities that interfere with it being your top priority. Read books, take classes, go to counseling, make time to serve and love your spouse. I even ironed a white shirt lately for Dave as a sign of my true love and devotion. ha ha. I hadn't done that in 10 years, but I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Funny that that is the kind of stuff that rekindles the fire, so to speak. ha ha. Again, Work Work Work. Marriage can be work, but the most rewarding work ever! A few good books to read together are first (a beginners handbook) "His needs her needs, how to have an affair proof marriage." Second, (for the more advanced) "Seven levels of Intimacy" and no it isn't about the "S" word. But speaking of the "S" word. A fabulous article that you can look up on is and article by Brent Barlow from all the way back in 1987 entitled, "They Twain Shall Be One": Thoughts on intimacy in marriage. Excellent. I do have more recommendations if you need them. Like I said I have already gone through 15 years of this work we call marriage, and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could if Dave weren't gone tonight at the father and son camp out. I am greatly cheered by an email I read tonight though. Sent by my twilight updater friend ms. amie. Apparently Stephanie meyer has a "lost manuscript" that she doesn't now want to finish. ha ha. I guess it has been spread around the web. So not wanting people to break a copyright law she has put up the rough draft 264 pages of the book that she was writing from Edward's point of few. Called something "sun" I can't remember. I instantly read the first 35 pages, so I think I will be taking my lap top to bed with me and cozy and read. goodnight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

news from the bat cave.

I have been in the bat cave editing for the last few days. I only surfaced today to see Rebecca receive her student of the month award (Yah Rebecca Mary!). Ok I lied. I came out many times to get more death by chocolate ice-cream. It is the "light" version and is still so incredibly yummy. Which means now I need to go on a long walk with dave before I continue editing into the wee hours of the night.

Rebecca reminded me about 500 times to come to her assembly. Asking if I knew what time it was at etc. I assured her over and over I would be there and I could figure out what time it was at. So I finally get around to calling the school at 8:30a.m. to ask and they said that it starts at 8:30a.m. So I throw on clothes and grab my camera and made it in time. I am sure she was starting to get worried. I love this picture it is so perfectly her. She spots me and gives me her sweet happy smile. Oh, I love this girl (when she isn't bossing everyone around and answering for everyone. ha). Her happy little face is so scrumptious, no one can resist it!

Poor Dave, he has been coming home so tired. He is such a hard worker. He has been doing his regular reading for radiology and filling in for the squadron commander. Lots of meetings. He just plopped down on the floor when he got home (notice the clean floor in my office. Do you remember from a week or so ago the disaster?). He said the keys on his head were to relieve his headache. If you are wondering how Dave is doing healthwise... he is doing great. We have noticed that when he does aerobic exercise full out he is having some discomfort so he promised me he would go in for another stress test. We are really wondering what our future holds as far as job wise. Luckily (for us) he can't be deployed. He feels bad when the other doctors have to go and he doesn't have to take a turn. The down side is, it may keep us from getting to Europe. We have been saying we are going to move to Europe every move and it just never pans out. Kinda frustrating except we have absoulutely loved everywhere we have gone and felt that it was where we were supposed to be. Now we are wondering are we just staying here for a long time. Dave really is interested in the whole leadership side of the military but it may take him someplace really foreign like North Dakota. ha. Right now he has on record that we are ready to move, and only Europe locations chosen. So we don't know if they will just let us stay here until that happens or make us go somewhere else. We will see. As always, no matter what, it is an adventure. I will miss my pool something terrible though. I have grown quite attached to it. smile.

Monday, August 25, 2008

weekend happenings

Friday... Rachel is especially hormonal. This girl wants to hug Dave and I nonstop. As soon as I hear Dave open the door coming home from work I shout, "Run for your life!" He knows what I am saying and starts running, Rachel close on his heels. It is so funny. I thought teenagers are supposed to not like their parents and want to stay in their room listening to music. Not this girl, she needs lovins 24-7. Look at Dave's pained expression below, and Rachel's look of perfect contentment. We tease Rachel, but of course we wouldn't have it any other way. She is the perfect teenager...SHE LOVES US and WANTS TO BE with us. wonderful!
Saturday morning I hear a knock at the door, and open it to find these two. A lion and it's master I am thinking. Rebecca and her friend Rebecca (who is wearing my brownie vest from when I was 8. Too funny). All weekend we had at least ten girls in our house at all times. One had been there for four days straight! Her Dad finally had to come to the house to retrieve her. I swear we weren't holding her captive!Saturday 10 a.m... Lizzie is picked up by D.J. for a date with his wife Christine (oooooh the other girls were so jealous). She has been so excited for this. They made cookies, lunch, and watched a movie. Lizzie brought home some of the spoils but the girls mentioned above downed them in 2 minutes flat.

My low fat lunch Saturday afternoon. Pizza and a blended root beer float made by Dave. Delish! We seriously ate pizza every single meal this weekend. I think I might be sick thinking of it. We had people over Friday night and ate pizza. Leftovers for breakfast and lunch sat. Then At the last minute I decided to throw a birthday party for Jacob and called people sat. afternoon for a party (that included 8 pizzas of course) sat. night at 7pm. Guess what we ate Sunday? You guessed it. Leftover pizza. You are feeling sick now too huh?

The party was really fun. I couldn't believe how many could come at the last minute. I just called the kids from church.
Jacob won the cannonball contest.

happy birthday my Jakie. He is a few inches taller than me now!
Sunday morning happenings. Waiting to leave for church Lizzie demonstrates her early birthday gift ( I just couldn't wait!) A leap frog that I got recently at a garage sale! After church (eating leftover pizza of course) Jacob opens gifts from his sisters. Mostly joke gifts. Lizzie thought she was so funny. She wrapped up all of her underwear that was in her drawer to give to him. It was a problem sat. night after she took a shower and didn't have any underwear to put on. I had to unwrap the present a little and slide a pair out for her. What a nut!

kissable lips!
I finally finished cleaning out and organizing my office this weekend. It feels so awesome! This poster that Leah made was unfortunately an item that needed to go. So sad. I do love it, but I just can't keep it all. So we took pictures of it. I especially love the world with the little people surrounding it. I am so happy that my girls are so positive and optimistic about life. That makes me happy! I hope you love the world too! by the way...did you watch the Olympic closing ceremonies? It is so sad to have them end. I will really miss the visa commercials too. smile. The last one I saw last night said, "GO WORLD!" I add my voice to that cheer!
P.s. I am sorry to say that the other give aways that I had I gave to Emily when she picked up the magazines. I just showed her the rest of the stuff that I had and she wanted it all. So sorry. I am sure I will come across more items.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

give away #1

I can't believe that I actually had this many scrapbook magazines piled around my office! I spent all day going through them and just tearing out a few pages that I wanted to keep for inspiration, and now they are up for grabs. Does anyone want them? The first to respond gets them. More to come....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

check that off the list.

My sister Gloria has been hounding me forever to send her the pictures of her son (and my nephew) Dallen's baptism. Aren't I so horrible? We went out for his baptism in March! Seeing these pictures brought back all of the sweet feelings of that day. His older brother Austin baptized him. Isn't that cool? These pictures are so reminiscent of when MY oldest brother baptized my younger brother. What is weird is Austin looks like Brett and Dallen like Kenny. Dallen has the same sweet innocence about him as my brother Kenny did when he was young. They are just so vulnerable and lovable. This picture just melts my heart. So trusting and pure.

Never forget Austin that you have 3 younger brothers who really look up to you, and will follow your example. It is a big responsibility to be the oldest in a family, but Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he put you first. Keep being the awesome young man you are.
and Glor, look at his long floppy hair that is never quite in place, blowing in the wind. I wish i could hug that little guy right now!

my motto

this hangs in my office. It says it all for me.
I have some things to say:
1. Gloria it is on my to do list today to finally edit and get Dallen's baptism pictures off in the mail today. Hopefully my computer will acquiesce. I need to call the geek squad. My computer will just get ridiculously slow sometimes and I don't know how to repair it.
2. Ms. Nunzia, you are on my heart. I know I missed your birthday. What else is new! You know I am not good at that. I don't know where you are, or how to get a hold of you. I tried calling the cell phone number that I have for you, but it was wrong. Please call me, or email me how I can get a hold of you. I will make up for forgetting your birthday I promise.
3. Kim Haynes HeLLO!! I just realized that I never emailed you back. I do think of you and are praying your new life is going well in good ol' Utah. Do you miss us here? We miss you! What are you up to? I think you have a blog now, I will have to find it.
4. I am cleaning out my office and will have some give aways tomorrow, so check back tomorrow.
5. Nicole Boice GET YOUR BEHIND IN GEAR and call the doctor today. If you don't today I am taking matters into my own hands.
6. My mind is so weighed down with the accident of Stephanie and Christian Nielsen. I don't even know them personally, but I am still so upset by it, and feel so sad for them and their family. Stephanie is a good friend of my sister Kelly, so I always hear about her and occasionally read her blog nieniedialogues and her sister cjanes blog. The situation is that Christian was getting in his flight hours to be a pilot. His teacher and wife were flying with him on saturday night and they crashed. The teacher (and their good friend) was killed and Stephanie and Chrisitian are miraculously alive but in very serious condition in the burn unit in a phoenix hospital. Stephanie has burns on over 80% of her body and Christian about 50%. They have 4 sweet little children, and a huge supportive family to cheer them on. They are asking for every one's prayers. To get more details go here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy anniversary my love!

Dave, 15 years of marriage and the ship still hasn't sunk. smile. I love you more than I ever thought possible to love someone. Every day is an adventure that I love to experience with you. Thank you for making all of my dreams a reality. Sincerely, your adoring wife.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

more of madi.

you just have to enlarge this to fully appreciate the cuteness! I love it! More pictures here

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy kids make a happy mom

I found this note written on toilet paper in Rachel's bathroom. My kids make me laugh. I am glad they are happy and want to express it even while using the bathroom.
At 5:45 a.m. this morning was Jacob's first day of seminary. As soon as he got home he came straight into my room and woke me up, and I sleepily said, "have a great time at seminary.!" He was laughing so hard at me, duh mom, I am already home from seminary. what can I say, I had another late night. I am back to my evil ways. smile. Jacob could not stop talking about it all day. How much he enjoyed it. How Brother Nielsen is the best teacher. How he already had memorized a scripture and quoted John 14:15, "if ye love me keep my commandments." He was just so happy and full of the spirit all day. It was awesome!! He is supposed to read 15 minutes every day and said he was going to read in the evening but then he just couldn't wait and read for a half hour this afternoon. He came to me and said he wanted to buy another set of scriptures for himself at home so that he can mark them. He said he had a different feeling as he read about Jesus being baptized (they are studying the new testament this year). Of course, I happily told him that is the holy ghost letting you know that it is true. He told me he really wants to work on his testimony and really knowing. I can't tell you how happy and positive he was all day. He even wanted to help his sisters with their homework. YES! What did I do to deserve this kid? He has been one of the greatest joys and blessings of my life. My heart is so full, and I am very thankful for the seminary program. It is definitely worth the sacrifice to have Dave take him every morning. ha ha. It has been a happy day.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I think I am in Love.

I really really want to use these albums for my wedding packages, or portraits of course. The only draw back is that they are pretty pricey. But aren't they so incredible. Real Italian leather, thick pages, and bound beautifully. What do you think? I think I would love one of these if I were getting married. Look at the cool slip covers they come in as well. Love, love, love. It is a simple album where all of the pictures are flush mounted.