Sunday, June 04, 2006

best ice cream ever

On the island of kauai is a brand of ice-cream that makes coconut icecream with macadamian nuts and fudge brownie chunks. Put that in a waffle cone and ooh la la. Of course that is what I had for dinner everynight! yum!

my office!

This is my heaven! I love this big chair to read and relax in. These pictures are taken at night so you can't see how bright and pretty this room is, and my gorgeous view of the palm trees and pool outside. I can scrapbook and keep an eye on the kids outside. love it.

Jake at the game waiting for the leftie at bat to hit one out to us in right field. How cool is this that we have this stadium right across the street from us. He biked over with our neighbors. It is cheap to sit on the lawn in the field and so much fun. Great people watching too.

First Haircut!
Isn't she so cute. They had to be laughing at me. It was like a photo shoot at the supercuts.

Can she do it?

See everyone. Yes I can! I actually even figured out how to put on a picture. Of course it isn't the right one, but hey, it's progress. This actually is one of my latest favorites. It is when we were at Dad's house in Utah. It snowed and the kids were so excited and went outside and played and built a snowman.