Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rainforest and Akaka falls-Hawaii part III

this picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. Dave is really funny about rain forests. He LOVESSS them so much. Every time I turned around there he was leaving the trail and disappearing into the jungle. What a nut! I am so never letting him go to the amazon. He would never return home and would probably be eaten by a snake. Did you see those amazing and sick pictures of a python that ate a drunk man that fell asleep in the jungle. THey cut it open and there he was. if you really need to see the pictures I can email them to you. Anywho, I love the rain forest too. Again the variety of plant life, and so green. But I can do without the accompanying humidity.

isnt' this so amazing. It is hard to capture the magnificence and how huge the trees are!
well that is it for part three. By the end of this you are going to be booking a trip to Hawaii. ha

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tropical Splendor-Hawaii part II

Usually I am just a portrait type of photographer. But I could not get over the beauty, variety, and intricacy of the flowers at the botanical garden we visited in Hawaii.
I am so grateful for the beauty of this earth. It brings me joy. (I think that was God's plan). smile. So thankful.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

another mother daughter shoot

my friend Jamie (far left) had a girls weekend. Her mom and two sisters flew in. One of the festivities was a photo shoot with me! It was so much fun, and made me really miss my sisters! You know where to go to see more pictures. (the link is on my side bar).

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I love going on vacation with Dave. He turns back into a little kid with that excited look of anticipation the whole time. I can't stand going anywhere without him because I am just thinking the whole time how much he would love and enjoy it. This sign is the kind of signs I see when Dave is happiest. This one likes to live on the edge (literally). but I have to say I love it too. Look at what it leads too....

a view like this....

a photo op like this...
my toes sinking into this beautiful black sand on the beach.
getting to feel like anne of Green Gables on prince edward island
although I am looking more like Marilla every day. ha ha. don't worry I am cool with
seeing Dave get a well deserved break from providing for our family....
and here it is that excited little boy face. Oh How I love to be with him when he is on vacation. But unfortunately we have to climb back up the cliff we just came down.
It's worth it for a few more views of this. Really spectacular!
I think I will just put on a few pics from our trip every day. Too many for one entry.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New photo shoot

My wonderful friends and neighbors from Oregon came to visit our family the first week of May. I was a tad grouchy. I hope these pictures that I took of her with her girls helps make up for it! Click here to see more.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Am I Crazy?

Yes, I will eventually update my blog with recent pics and adventures. I just have to go to bed because I told my gym that I would teach the yoga class for them tomorrow. I come back after two weeks, and my favorite yoga teacher has quit and they are in quite a pickle. They begged me to teach, and I succumbed. Ok, I haven't taught in two years. What am I thinking??? Dave said it is just like riding a bike. As if he has any idea. ha ha. I actually am excited because this is the next step in my goal to have a marketable skill (to get back into yoga). Aren't I doing good on my photography business goal? I am surprising myself. It is all about overcoming my anxiety for me, and being confident in a business situation. Very hard for me. Maybe now I will lose that extra 10 lbs. that seemed to have permanently taken up residence on my body since I quit teaching yoga, and moved here to Arizona. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Come and meet the Soulier family. More pictures of their photo shoot on my business blog .I finally finished editing their pictures. We had the Carr family here for a week from Oregon (some pictures of their photo shoot to follow), and then Dave and I were in Hawaii for a week. Definitely pictures coming up from that. Oh it is so heavenly there. And even more heavenly is being alone with Dave for a week. And I can't forget my heavenly sister Kelly (and baby cate) for coming so willingly to watch the kids for a week. So happy to be home again though with my five heavenly children, all refreshed and ready to face life again.