Thursday, September 18, 2008

big sighhhhh......

I think this is the first magazine that I ever on a whim bought at the grocery store check out line. I was just so curious to read their formula for dropping such a large amount of weight so quick. I haven't found the answer yet because of course, I haven't even taken the time to open up the magazine. Alot of good that does me, and labor day has long gone. I'll let you know if I ever actually read it. ARen't you curious now what it says?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jacob's new look he's been working on...

Jacob went to his first church dance this past weekend, now that he is 14! I think I was more excited than him. I loved going to the church dances back in the day. I would try to lay out all day so I would be tan that night. I would get together with my friends to get ready for hours. You know to decide what to wear, do hair, and make-up just right. I spent many hours that day just envisioning the possibilities for the night. You know the dream, meeting and getting asked to dance by some cute guy that made your heart skip a beat. After the dance we would all go to Denny's or some place like that and hang out more and talk. Ahhhhh, those were the days. I told Jacob that I would go with him, show him some dance moves. He declined. He did let me take this hot picture above. So weird being on the boy side of things. He got ready in about five minutes, I asked him if he brushed his teeth as he got in the car (he hadn't) so he had to go back in to do that. I gave him some mints (because who wants to dance with a boy that has bad breath, gross). I shouted out instructions as he got back in the car to be respectful to the girls and to not dance really close, and NO KISSING! ha ha. I just can't believe how old he has gotten all of a sudden. I almost started crying today when I saw the hair on his toes. Gross, what happened to my sweet baby boy with his white hair and big blue eyes. When he was two and I would tuck him in bed after reading a book, he would say to me, "cozy me one time." in the sweetest little voice you have ever heard. I love this new man child, but I do miss my little boy that I would cozy with on the couch in pajamas watching pooh bear and singing, "foreeeevah, and evah, is a very long time....pooh. Forevah (the english accent you know) isn't long at all when I have you!" I can still get Jacob to sing it with me, but it isn't quite the same. ARen't I a sorry thing. I know I know, get over it, move on. I will definitely be one of those blubbering moms when he leaves on his mission. Time is just going to fast! Anyway, I am rambling, and I need to go to bed. And rest assured that Jacob only turned up his collar and wore the glasses for the picture as a joke. ha ha. And also rest assured Reneer family, lest you think I have fallen off of my high horse about movies, we only watch the edited version of Zoolander which is perfectly clean for family viewing (and so dang hysterical). EArth to Derek....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


come on over and see more of baby emma here.

LEah is 8!

I ask you, "is there anything better than this when you are in third grade?" To stand on your chair and have the whole class sing to you, and celebrate you! Especially when your mom (for the first time ever )made homemade cupcakes and brought them in to share with your class!

Leah was on cloud nine!

If you want to see what happiness looks like on Leah's face, check out these pictures. she has been non stop talking and obsessing about her birthday for months. I finally told her Friday, I don't want to hear you mention it again (knowing that the next morning we were surprising her). Saturday bright and early her friends show up at the door bearing gifts. Leah was speechless for the first time in her life. As I brought in all her party decorations and gifts she exclaimed, "I think I'm going to cry!" Which is truly what she does when she is really touched and genuinely feels loved. so sweet. Well, we had a big day planned. 12 hours of non-stop fun. Dave made a fun breakfast for all of them, and then we were off to the mall. Leah wanted a birthday just like her older sisters. They all brought their build a bear, and got to pick out an outfit at build a bear workshop. Then onto Claire's (aka girl heaven). They picked out matching friendship bracelets. We went over to Costco for treats and to get pizza to bring home. Once home it was swimming, watching the new barbie movie Diamond Princess. I really love the barbie movies! I like to watch them too! The first couple of times that is. ha. They got dressed in their jammies and pretended they were having a sleepover. Pillow fights included, and lots of treats. It pretty much was the best day ever for Leah.

Her friend Paige is in the background. My favorite quote from her during the party was hearing her tell the others that the next time she saw a guy smoking she was going to say, "don't monkey around with drugs, yo!" attitude included.Leah's favorite, very cozy shirts. Everything we buy her pretty much has to feel like pajamas or she won't wear it!
OK, I also love camp rock!Leah was obsessed with these fake nails that Devon gave her. Her wish when she blew out the candles was to have more fake nails. Not world peace, just some fake nails. Oh to be young and not have big worries or needs. smile.

My favorite from Devon was her telling everyone how she eavesdrops on her parents. Dave asked her what they talk about (pumping her for good info to tease her dad with). She said, love stuff. We tried to get more details, but you know, she is only eight. shame on us, I know.
To say the least I was exhausted trying to live up to all of Leah's expectations for her birthday. It was so very important to her. Luckily Lizzie is totally easy going. Her birthday is in 10 days. She isn't concerned.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cameroon temple trip.

If you feel it is too hard to get to the temple, read this. Actually read it anyone. It will move you to tears for the beautiful poeple of faith in Cameroon. I love the African people. You will not find a warmer, more loving and giving people. They are such a faithful people, and have the spirit so strong. See what I mean click here. I hope that someday that missionary couple is Dave and I. Thanks Veronica Luna for sharing it with me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

calling Jenny thinnes

Jenny, somehow I lost your email address. I was just thinking about you guys the other day as I drove by your old sad and empty house. I miss just stopping by whenever and saying hello. I miss your sunshiny face and smile. I miss your energy for life. I miss playing tennis. I miss your sweet girls. thanks for commenting. I didn't know that you ever looked at my blog. and thanks for the other blog to look at I enjoyed it. My email is Send me some pics.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

How Can I be

this song is so cool! I love it. Thanks for sharing it with me Jerrica!ok after you watch this one, scroll over to "sunday morning." That is just the kind of voice I like. ooohh-weee. If you want more fun scroll over to good bye from the tongans to Adam ashby. That is the white dude in the middle of the how can I be song. He left on his mission, and this was the tongans goodbye to him at the airport. Sometimes I think I was born into the wrong culture.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Amy, I am working on sweet emma's pictures! I just loved this blanket that emma's grandma made for her. How awesome to have this from your grandma as an heirloom. Her 42nd grandchild. Amazing. Babies make me happy. you know what else makes me happy? I got my computer fixed today!!!!!! You no longer will have to hear me complaining about it! It is so fast now. hallelujah! Since my computer was down today (before it was fixed) I actually scrapbooked a couple of pages. Another miracle! and Melanie, Dave and I tried out that new french restaraunt on Bell. oooh-la-la. We will be going there often. The homemade desserts alone. We had blueberry bread pudding, delish. My quiche was to die for as well. They just are starting to stay open later for dinner. I am very excited. Who wants to meet up and go? If we got a good sized group we would be the whole place, it is tiny. Girls for lunch? or couples for dinner? yes to both for me.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

what is really happening with me. part one.

So here is the story. Guess what? I am back to my crazy self now that I am not Relief Society President. It is so humbling. I mean, I know that you are totally blessed to do what the Lord asks you to, and your abilities and talents are magnified.... but it just starts to seem like the real me after awhile. Than, I am released, and there goes my ability to calmly handle every situation. etc. etc. etc. I thought that now that I was released I would get so so much done (remember my enhanced abilities? It is like I had super powers. ha ha). Well, it didn't really work out that way. I actually have to work alot harder to get it all together now. Who knew? I guess, I did, but didn't want to admit it. It was exactly like this when I came home from my mission (where I also experienced super human powers). I didn't know who this awkward, disorganized, selfish new person was when I first got home. What happened to Sorella Reneer (that is Sister Reneer for all you non Italian speakers. smile)? I am feeling similar feelings now. I put my foot in my mouth more. I have more anxiety (gee, I really missed that. ugh). I have been extra irritable lately (not my normal loving and perfect self. ha ha). So reality sets in. I am going to have to work way harder now to have the spirit with me. In a way it doesn't seem fair. Why wouldn't Heavenly Father want me to always have that extra boost? Well, here is the truth. Where much is given much is required. And more was definitely required of me as a Relief Society President. It was a calling that I never thought I would be capable of doing. I did need alot of extra help to do what Heavenly Father needed me to do. What a blessing it was. What a gift to feel his love so strongly for my dear sisters and friends in my ward. I loved every minute. I am so thankful for such a wonderful learning experience. Now I am on to new super powers. The kind that I need as the nursery leader! What a happy spot it is for me. I am so content in my little corner of the vineyard to work in (it can get pretty rowdy and stinky from poopy diapers though sometimes. ha). Children are so my kind of people. Totally loving and accepting no matter what. Those are my favorite kind of people. They always forgive me readily and give more Love!!!! They just have so much love to give. These special little ones are definitely filling my bucket. So here are some pictures of my new peeps. They may be small in size, but they are huge in spirit!!!!You can see it instantly!! ha haI love her tongue sticking out of her mouth. so cute.I love when they all line up at the door like this to check out what is going on in the hall. I told you they are just like me. I love to talk with people as they go by.what a good helper this little guy is.

new pics...

...over at the photography blog. I do plan on going down to just one blog soon. Again, soon for me can be a month or two.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


A shot from tonight's photo shoot. Maegen you are gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

why my glasses are always missing.

I own probably 20 pairs of glasses and I can never find any of them and they are always getting broken. Gee, I wonder why. I think the pictures above are explanation enough! ha. I am embarassed to say that Leah is doing a certain pose from a movie. Can you guess? C'mon nicole don't let me down.

Makes Me Smile!

I had to stop editing to share this photo. It just put the biggest smile on my face. I thought I would share. Back to work.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back 2 school.

Jacob and Rachel doing the "target" pose. The three younger girls started weeks ago, but J & R are going to a Prep School for 7-12th grades that is just opening this year. They had to wait until the school was finished being built. They were nervous this morning on the car ride over so they had to call uncle grant so he could say some of their favorite silly voices that he does to get them laughing. Thanks Grant! now please shave your gross mustache.
They look so old!

Monday, September 01, 2008

"4 real"

i felt so sick saturday morning thanks to shawn haught. ha ha. He brought over crispy creme donuts of which I ate 4! Crispy Cremes are just 4reign items in these parts now, I couldn't help myself. I only got 4 hours of sleep that night, well ok and only 4 hours on Thursday night too. I had 4 little girls to entertain all by my tired self while the boys were gone. We had at least 4 functions to attend that day. Of course, I 4got about one of them (sorry Jaime, I will bring you a baby gift and a yummy treat tomorrow!). 4tunately, dave got home early from the camp out and took me out 4 a night on the town (you know to places like target and home depot, smile). Natalie we missed running into you and Ryan at Target. Lucky 4 us we ran into the riddles, woods, and gardners to chat with. It was another un4gettable weekend full of all of the "4 real" life experiences that make me happy to be alive and with the ones I love. As I continue to pray 4 the Stephanie and Christian Nielsen family and ponder their difficult situation, I can't help but pray more fervently that I will not take 4 granted one minute that I have with my loved ones.