Saturday, September 29, 2007

How I know it's fall

Football playing on the big screen. There is a crispness to the air (it's in the 80's). Made me want to make my one of my favorite yummy treats. Banana bread. My recipe is the best you will ever taste! I guarantee it. I will post the recipe tonight after I deliver a few of these loaves and go to the general RS broadcast which I am so excited about. I always am filled with a renewed desire to love all around me. My family soooo appreciates that. I think I will skip the going out to eat after with the ladies because I have not seen my husband all week! We need to enjoy this weather and go play tennis. Especially since I am meeting someone I have never played with on Monday (6am yikes, can I do it?!!) for tennis. I don't think I have played since last fall.
Last night scrapbooking was fun. I didn't feel overly excited about anything that I did but this was very likeable. Took me a few minutes. Simple-bright-texture. 3 very good things.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Official Plea for HelP!

I am looking for someone to help me clean my house. Once every two weeks to do the floors throughout the house,dust, and the bathrooms. I am wanting to pay $15 an hour. Keep in mind that I have a pretty high standard about clean. At least when other people do. ha ha. If you or anyone you know and trust are interested please let me know. Thanks, Heather

So Proud of Myself

Life is so crazy that I usually end up just buying everything for a birthday party. But I have such fond memories of my mom making everything and that meant so much to me. Well Leah for some reason had her whole identity, value, and worth in our family wrapped up in the execution of her birthday party. She is at that age, and the 4th in the family where she is feeling frustrated and lost right now. Rebecca finally moved out of that thank goodness!!! All Leah could talk about was this birthday party and how she wanted it. Funny but I knew it would show her that she is really special to me if I spent alot of time doing little details. So I spent all day (which I normally never ever do) getting ready for this party. I baked and decorated the cake, I made this pineapple boat (doesn't it look good?) I made the favor bags. Thanks Heidi swapp for the stencil. Just used spray paint. It seriously took all day to do everything. Now I know why I don't do that! ha. But it felt so good! I felt like such a good mom. I knew Leah would be glowing and so excited knowing that I spent all day making special things just for her. And sure enough, look at her goofy face when she saw the cake. I thought the store bought cakes look way better, but when I remember the feelings when I was young of my mom making mine. and I remember them distinctly ie licorice to make a fence that had pumpkins on it for my halloween birthday party. Or trying to get the color of blue just perfect on the frosting for the waves in the sea with sailboats on it. It made me feel so special. Home made really is best! Much more memorable, much more meaningful.

I seriously was so proud of this!! I really don't take the time to do anything like this ever!

Let the party begin!

here is leah worried that no one is going to come. poor thing, after all this looking forward and dreaming in her mind of the perfect party, she was so concerned when the guests were a little late! But of course everything worked out fine.I love this picture of leah and lizzie in heaven with a all these new lip glosses and make-up!
So here's to a good mom day! Heaven knows there have been alot of bad mom days! ugh. but another good word of advice since I am into that right now. I learned in some parenting class that as long as the good outnumbers the bad, you are fine. We all aren't perfect and will have bad days but as long as there are more good experiences, more positive than negative, they will be just fine, and remember the good. Isn't that great news!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

unique,creative, one of a kind

There aren't enough words to describe this girl. She continually surprises and amazes me every day! Her capacity "to do" is ever growing and with such energy! She is smart, and loves to learn, yet very thoughtful and kind. These words aren't always the words used to describe her. I can't even read my journals from when she was little without feeling like I am going to have a panic attack. I really don't know how I survived! She was like no other 2 year old you have ever seen! Everyone told me that. I seriously had to keep her away from "normal" children. She was just trouble with a capital T! She could only go to people's houses who had 10 children and had seen it all or people who were gifted with children. My mom said I needed to take her to a psychiatrist. For all the kindly meant advice I received both Dave and I felt (with constant thought and prayer) that she is just really smart, and needs to entertain herself, and with age she will become an amazing girl. Well, turns out Heavenly Father knew what He was talking about! The biggest surprise is that she is the sweetest most loving young lady. When she was little she was so independent and needed no one. Not the snugly type. She didn't have time for that! She is probably only alive because Jacob was sent first to be her protector and guardian. When he was three and she was two, Jacob would always say, "I will betect her". It was the cutest thing. They are only 15 months apart, and have such a special bond. Rachel still sets up "counseling appointments" with him. He is still helping her and watching out for her. All this to say, if you are struggling with a crazy young one. I will give you some advice. hang in there!!! The very strongest are being sent to earth right now. They are serious powerhouses! If you have been sent one, it is because Heavenly Father knows you can handle it! Once they are older and able to physically, mentally, emotionally etc. control that strong spirit of theirs you will be so amazed as I am now. It is a tough road, but well worth it. Rachel is now like my right arm. She can do EVERYTHING! She is mature beyond her years. She can run this house and family if I need her to. I love her and appreciate her so much. So again, Hang in there, and don't worry about what other people think. You know the worth of their soul and have been given the special abilities to help those who are in your stewardship! Go to the Lord for strength and understanding. So there is my mother advice for today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

mama and papa Kobel

come see the rest of the clan here!

Look what I found!

Look what I found parked in our neighborhood yesterday. This vintage car in the coolest color! So I had the Ya-yas pose in front of it, and edited it to look vintage. Are they not the cutest things ever? Yesterday Lizzie turned 6! My BABY IS 6!

Monday, September 24, 2007

PHOTO SEssions update

There has been a slight change in my prices for additional people so you can check that out. I only have one morning session available at the end of October and November is filling up fast, so if you are wanting your photos for Christmas cards you need to book ASAP. Thanks!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lots of pictures from Quincy, IL

I still have more to share! Can you believe it? These first two just remind me of any small midwest town.there are tons of Christian signs like this all over. I love it! THese next ones are just my capturing everyone around the house. They are some of my very very favorites.

two brothers, two best friends.
oh I miss this boy and his big brown green eyes, and sweet sweet smile.

gloria's yummy bedroom. I wish I took more of it. Down below I come upon 14 yr. old Brady in his room. This picture screams teenager!

this was his favorite one.

isn't he a handsome young man?

my sister's birthday and her husband making dinner for her. What a man!

something my family loves to do, squeeze bunnies. A definite sign of endearment.
Glor on the phone talking to all our siblings who were calling to wish her a happy birthday!
One of my favorite pairs of shoes that I bought on this trip.I did buy a few. I know a ridiculous amount. 16 pairs to be exact. But, in my defense (as Leah would say) they were all too good of deals to pass up. It was crazy all of these $75 shoes and up I got for 3-7 dollars. Gloria was so mad because they all seemed to be in my size. Ok they weren't all that cheap but 90% of them were.

Gloria likes to go waterskiing on her birthday every year. It is her favorite thing to do. I finally at the last minute gave in and waterskiied too.

Gloria and her daughter Kennedy. We went on a walk before going out to dinner at the yummiest Italian restaurant. Thank you for a most fabulous trip. These are the last of my pictures I am going to share except for their official family photo shoot pictures I'll put on the photography website. Miss you rodenbergs!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family going ons, quotes "N" such (as they say in the midwest)

Was reading my email tonight before bed, and I got one from Jacob (my son). How special is this! (It did have a smiley face by it).

How is it going mom thank you for all that you do. Even if I dont show my appresiation right away allways know that I am greatfull.

I think Jacob is just very very happy today as he was "asked out" by the girl he likes. The whole school was abuzz with the news when I picked the kids up. It was hysterical. Can you tell they go to a small school? My little boy is growing up. It's a happy sad thing. When we move I am so tempted to put all of my kids in the same grade so that I have them at home longer. They are growing up so fast.

Leah is the queen of phrases and big words that she says slightly wrong. It keeps us laughing. She is really liking to say, "In my defense...."

DAve called as the kids and I were driving home from school. Rachel had to talk to him and explained that she needed to do a biography of someone for school and since she thinks that he has had a fascinating( or did she say intriguing-i can't remember) life she wanted to do the biography on him. She set up interviews with him for Saturday and Sunday.

I think I will dream about photoshop tonight because I worked on it all morning and went to class tonight. You have no idea how huge this is for me! I am so not a computer person. I could never even play, or wanted to play video games growing up. I still have no idea how to work my cell phone, just because I don't care. So don't expect a text message from me anytime soon. I am clueless I tell you. So anyway, I am very proud of myself for stretching myself to learn computer programs "n" such. I make Dave tell me how proud he is of me all the time. Ha. All this to say..... I am sooo sooo grateful for all of your positive, and motivating compliments about my photography. It has taken me 20 years to get up the confidence to do this. It has been a life long dream for me. I took photography in highschool and started out majoring in photography in college and got A's- I just looked around my class and thought,"I'm not artsy fartsy like these people, I must not have what it takes." Lame, I know. It feels so good to finally go after this dream, and to see the response. I am on cloud nine. WHat exactly does that phrase mean? Does anyone know?

My "hopes to accomplish for tomorrow include... cleaning my house because Dave is finally coming home and editing the Kobel's pictures, do the Baron's photo shoot, and then hang with family, and cozy cozy all night. I really need to start driving around to find some new and interesting places to take pictures around here. Feel free to give me some suggestions.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My "older" sister gloria

On her 41st birthday. Oh yah the male model we brought in for the shoot. ha ha. Actually her husband. I didn some more playing around for my class. I don't know exactly what I mean with the phrase on the picture. We just have to do that, and I thought it sounded cool. ha ha. Don't enlarge the photo (i told you not to. ha.) You can see some photoshopping that I need to redo but I am too tired right now. goodnight,.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

I sure hope so. I started a photoshop class at estrella mountain community college. It has been a goal of mine to learn this program. I am not a wiz at figuring out anything on the computer and so this is a challenge for me. But here is a photo of my beautiful niece Kennedy with a delightful mat that I played around with in photoshop cs3 tonight. Kennedy, I hope you appreciate that I took off all of your acne. Aren't I the best Aunt EVER! There are so many different options of things that you can do on PS3 that literally you can spend hours on just one image playing around with it. Do you like it Gloria? Aren't you dying to see the rest?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gloria's continued...

OK here it is! The walkout basement. I told you it was cool. Gloria has great stories about every piece and where she found it, and how she altered it, or didn't. For instance, the couch she had reupholstered, and the guy she took it to actually worked for the company that made it in the 70's and he actually designed it. What a coincidence. I forgot to take a picture of the TV stand that she refinished, dang.

this is my niece Kennedy that is 2 weeks older than Rachel. She plays piano really well, I love her long fingers that she inherited from her dad. Glor's kids are really talented musically. Gloria was always felt like everyone in our family had musical talent (of the girls) but her. We all played instruments, and she never really had the opportunity. How cool that all of her kids are so gifted with music. I think that Heavenly Father knew her desires and granted them through her children. I think he loves us like that, if you ask me. Austin who is 16 is amazing on the piano, and plays the drums and is in the band too. Brady at 14 is the star in every musical in town and is requested by the college to be in their productions too. Kennedy plays the piano beautifully, sings and dances. The youngest are just starting on the piano and loving it. None of my kids loved it! I am hoping one of mine will like an instrument enough to have the discipline to practice.
I still have lots to share on my trip back there. I didn't do all the church history stuff (she lives right by nauvoo, carthage etc.) I did that on past trips. But tjmax sure had a great sale. ha ha.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Best B&B ever!

The hardest thing about visiting family is I miss them so bad when I come home. For awhile I dream of living by them, and wishing they were here for a birthday party, or to go play tennis with, or watch a cozy movie with a treat. But then I eventually get caught in the busy life that is my reality. So the reason for this rambling on family is I just had the most wonderful visit with my sister Gloria and her family in Quincy, Illinois. We had so much fun! I was treated so special. I did some serious shopping, and best of all really bonded with my nephews and nieces. Again, a happy sad thing. Happy cause I love them so much, sad because now I miss them even more! So to show you what I mean I will give you a glimpse of my trip.

FIRST... the accommodations. They couldn't be finer. My sister is a gifted interior decorator. She isn't officially trained or do it for a living, just naturally amazing. Let me show you what I mean. The guest room

The R is for Rodenberg, my sister's last name. Every detail of her house is amazing.

I love these curtains.

After getting settled in my luxurious guest room my sister brings me in homemade lemonade made with splenda. Such treatment. wow

my beautiful view down to the pond in back and these gorgeous white flowers that matched the room. too perfect.

My first morning I was awakened to the smell of bacon and led out to the walk around porch that covers the back of the house to this table with my delicious breakfast waiting.

I had delightful company with my breakfast. Don't you love that shirt? (and it speaks the truth, ha ha)

You wonder how I ever came home don't ya. Although my girls do bring me breakfast in bed quite often. I am so spoiled. Next post I will show you the basement that my sister decorated using 60's furniture that she got from thrift stores and had reupholstered. It is so awesome.