Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Do you think I could be the heroine of Rachel's next story (read the next post). Thanks for the cool pic. kell. I love it. It doesn't depict my real life at all which makes it fun. My real life is pajamas, no make up, doing laundry and wiping up sticky stuff off everything, and my favorite...listening to funny things that my kids say all day. Lizzie has been cracking me up lately from describing going to the bathroom as dropping logs, to her prayer tonight saying I love my mommy more than stinky feet. She thought she was so funny saying that and had to try really hard to keep serious as she said it. She has a quick wit and is very smart, but she still might have to repeat kindergarten. OHHH Lizzie.

I found the beginning of one of Rachel's love stories on my computer tonight as I was shutting down all the open windows. don't you love it. I have to find that other story she wrote. She is so fun. What cracks me up is she is constantly saying how gross boys are. ha ha.


Once Upon a time there lived a beautiful young princess (When I say young I mean 19.) Her name was Ediline and she yearned for love. One day while she was sitting by her window sill reading her book she saw two birds singing to one another. Then at that moment she yearned for love more than she ever had before. Then she stopped reading her book and thought up a plan.
I will now tell you her plan. She was going to go to the village as a villager and live there for as long as it takes to find true love. She was going to go as a villager because she wanted someone to truly love her, and love her for her and not for her money or fame. She had decided to put her plan into action in two weeks.

Monday, November 27, 2006

OH Lizzie

Lizzie has been so proud of herself that she hasn't opened any of the Christmas presents. A weakness of hers last year. It is so hard to resist! Right Kelly? ha ha. She keeps coming up to me and saying excitedly,"Mom, I haven't even oped a present, I only look at them, touch them, and hold them" That last one cracks me up. The way she says Hold so lovingly. I imagined her cuddling them gently trying to soak in all there magicalness(good word huh?). The season has begun and we are all loving it. The outrageous light contest has begun in our neighborhood. It was so fun all weekend to see all the guys out with ladders doing lights and all the mom's gathered and talking while the kids bike around and play. You gotta love arizona for that. Dave left last night to go work in Oregon for a week. He called me from his layover in Salt Lake exclaiming that it was 40 degrees there and they made them walk outside in it from the plane. We are way too spoiled.

She did it!

I am so proud of Rebecca. She has been working really hard to improve her attitude, and control her temper. We started a game where she
receives coins for when she is able to stop a tantrum when I ask her to and when she is helpful and has a good attitude. Then she has a chart that has the number of coins that she needs for certain rewards. For example 5= mom cozying with her in bed and talking for a long time before she goes to sleep. She has been saving for a Loooong time for these fake fingernails 50 COINS! She was so excited to pick them out from Walmart. Also, Rachel is playing and gets coins for being kind to Rebecca and has done so goood!! She has earned a scrapbooking session with mom at the cost of 50 coins. Being a Mom is a challenge but so worth it!! The best career on earth!!


i must admit this was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable thanksgivings ever. Slept in and went and got some donuts with the girls than came back and watched the parade while reclined looking at adds (are you jealous dad) and getting lots of loves from my babies. It was the BEESSSST (Nacho). At the table sat my darling husband playing "ticket to ride" our new favorite game with the other kiddos, and drinking egg nog. I didn't start cooking until noon. Made my few dishes and I was done. Our friends the Ellis' did the turkey and brought it to my oven so I enjoyed the yummy smell all day. They came later with more goodies and we had a relaxing afternoon/evening eating and playing games. Delightful. So full of thanks for a life filled with so much that brings me true joy! I am most thankful that my sweet Dave (after much prayer and temple attendance) is excited (and willing) to bring another little Ives into the world. We are all so excited!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rachel's 11th birthday party!

Saturday was quite the day for miss Rachel. 25 + girls came for a fun filled 3 hours of non stop craziness! We did egg tosses, races, water balloon volleyball, tosses, relay races, 3 legged race, did nails, made bracelets, played wink, etc. etc. I don't know who was more tired me or the girls. This is the first place we have lived where there are a lot of girls Rachel's age and that she clicks with. It has been the best to see her so happy this year. She has just blossomed . Rachel wanted to add into a beautiful butterfly, she was once a caterpillar, but is now a beautiful butterfly (I can't explain the accent she used ha). It has been quite the metamorphasis. ok gotta go the hometeachers are here and we have to be at choir in 10 minutes.

ooohhhh aaahhhhh!

she received a ridiculous amount of gifts. Forget christmas!

It's all over!

Look at what Rachel's mean mom did to her at the end of the party!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

SO Excited!

I am so excited because I did a photo shoot today for a friend for the first time in a long time and I forgot how happy it makes me. Here are some of my favorite shots. Aren't these girls beautiful.

Leah and the ward campout

This girl is quite the character. Dave calls her a bobble head with her little curls running around. She kept taking off her shoes and getting hurt. Here is one sister from the ward carrying her back from the playground. My favorite was seeing her running to the bathroom barefoot no less. then in the morning that face, so classic Leah. One of our favorite quotes from last years campout was when she woke up in the morning doing that same face, and the first thing she said was, "Will somebody give me a huggy!" You just have to love Leah. She is so endearing with her expressive face and clutzy ways. Look at her by the fire in the morning drinking her hot chocolate, barefoot again, and so dirty. It's good to be a kid!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

ON the Farm

Went on Lizzie's field trip to a farm(yes they do have them in Arizona). The teacher's
aide for Lizzie's class couldn't wait to corner me and tell me all the funny things that she says. She said she goes home and tells her husband Lizzie stories everyday. I noticed that she is independent and does her own thing. Doesn't care about the friend thing, and very comfortable with the adults. Reminds me of Rachel. She isn't too concerned about the learning either. Which is a problem we need to work on or she will be repeating kindergarten. I told the teacher she has just been on the back burner and I will move her up to the front. She will be caught up in a couple of weeks. Which is true. If she tries she can learn it, she just isn't overly concerned. ha

Almost Eleven

A recent little photo shoot with Rachie. I will add her words that I found written on my scrapbook table where I practice what I want to write on a page.

"Rachel is so cute and the way her blonde hair shimmers in the sun. She is so beautiful!-Mom!"

She even signed it for me. These kids crack me up. Wait till you see the love story she wrote. That will come in another blog entry.


We love the movie Nacho Libre and it is all we quote right now. So this sunday while the adults were playing a game. The girls made Luchador masks and practiced songs from the movie. I was laughing so hard. Very creative. They did it all on their own. Although they did sneak into my fabric. "I forgive you" (from the movie). My favorite is when lizzie says the quote, "Sometimes I wear stretchy pants when I'm alone, in my room, its for fun." nuts!

Monday, November 13, 2006


The Hardings flew here from utah for four fun filled days to celebrate Roger's 40th birthday! We had so much fun eating, playing tennis, golf, football, swimming, hottubbing, playing games, watching movies, talking and laughing. How wonderful to have friends that bless our lives so much. My kids love them so much, they are both so much fun. I looked out the window once and Roger was laying on the lounger while Leah and Lizzie played "spa" with him. Leah had water and was wiping it on his forehead, while lizzie was rubbing the bottom of his feet with the pool brush. i was laughing so hard. Roger loved it. With just three boys of his own, he enjoys all the feminine attention, and boy they have plenty to give!

for the parteeee (like nacho)

Teresa gets carried away when it comes to icecream and bought about 15 different kinds. We opened them all up, got a spoon, and went to town. Can you see why I love her so much. (yes, i love you too gloria) smile

i love my chickies

this pic has been in my purse forever, decided to scrap it. Need to replace it with another one i love more recent.

Coco you made my day. Thanks for the call. Love this layout i did of you and rachie

Sunday, November 05, 2006

November 2004

Came across this. memories of a past november when I was 10 pounds lighter, ten shades darker, and cruisin around in Grand Cayman. Do you like mine and Glor's twin head tilt! Too funny. My neighbor just told me that Lizzie tilts her head like me. I said, I tilt my head? Then I saw this picture. Apparently yes I do. I wonder what another two years will bring from now. I hope not another 10 lbs. ha ha.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

oohh I love the sweetness of this

kenny's face is so cute in this. Such a cozy little boy inside. I am editing pictures today too! kenny is getting demanding of them. ha ha. i just had to post this one. So many favorites.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


no contest!!

No one beats my neighbor in Halloween (or any other holiday) for decorating. These are just two of the items out of the thousands covering every square inch of his property. Its like a horror movie show set. He actually orders fake blood from Hollywood! do you like the guy who's head is hanging by his nostrils? The wheelbarrow of body parts is probably the most disturbing to me. yikes!