Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i can't help myself


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I am off to San diego for my photography workshop. Wish me Luck! (Here is so more goodness from Quincy. My girls are such handy models.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More on Illinois, but oh so much more to come!

Our last few days in illinois were rainy, and snowy. It was so fun to cozy by the fireplace and read, especially when you have a hostess that makes incredible breakfasts like this below. It really is like heaven at my sisters.

Monday, March 24, 2008

self portrait

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I had to turn in a self portrait for the workshop I am attending this weekend. I didn't really take this but I choreagraphed it. Can I count that? I was teaching my sister Gloria how to take portraits. I made her take tons. She did a great job! Thanks Glor!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

picture of the day

click on picture to enlarge, it is way better bigger. I am working alot lately on editing and learning all of the techniques that I want to learn. Here is an example of a photo with some new techniques applied. I am working on how to put bigger pictures on blogger, so you don't have to click it to see it larger. Anyway. I am very excited. This is from last week in Quincy. I told you they have cool brick everywhere. Remember that I promised Leah that I would do a photoshoot of her while there. So here is one from our shoot together. I have lots more to share, just spending alot of time learning new things before I spend the time to edit. Also, I am attending a workshop in San Diego next weekend with Brianna Graham, and I have alot to do to prepare for it. Also, I wanted to put this on for Darla who you may recall was our tour guide and teacher at the art museum. She showed me paintings that are a study of white on white. I was intrigued and wanted to try it my self using my medium of photography. What do you think Darla?
and P.S. aren't Leah's natural curls adorable!!! Whenver her sisters give her a makeover they straighten her hair, but it is never as cute as her sweet curls.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picture of the day

Hello, I have returned from a most refreshing and wonderful trip to my sister's house in Illinois. I have so many wonderful photos to share. We are so lacking in brick and old architecture here in sunny AZ. This photo above is from a photo shoot that I did while there of my sister's friends and family. I am so tired, but I had to put on at least one. I love love this picture. Can't decide whether I like the color or black and white (with a little sepia) better. I can't wait to share more. If you think they are beautiful... wait until you see their children.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Realizing a Dream!

Rebecca loves horses. It is her biggest compliment to say that she loves you more than horses. Riding a horse is top on her list of things to do any day or any time. Well, recently we found a place that they give lessons right by our house. These pictures are from her first lesson. Look at the joy on her face. She absolutely couldn't be happier. Owning horses and riding them all the time is her life ambition ( and being a MOM & veterinarian). Her second lesson was just this past saturday morning. I wish I brought my camera. She looked so cute. Her teacher is so excited about her. She says she is a natural and alot in part because she has such strength and balance from doing ballet. She had to ride around up out of the seat with her arms out in a T and feet flexed in the stirrups, just holding on with her legs. She did awesome. Her teacher asked if she could have longer lessons and that she would be trotting real soon. Rebecca was beside herself with joy! and I will add new enthusiasm to do well in ballet (so she can be better at horseback riding). It was the best day on Saturday, just spending time with each of my kids talking with them about their futures and what they love. Helping them to reach their goals and dreams makes me so so happy!!! Next I will share some on Jacob. But it will be awhile. We are off to Illinois to my sisters at 4am tomorrow morning. Yikes. I can't wait to re-explore Nauvoo. Jacob and RAchel get to go to the temple and do baptisms, how cool. I want to go and see liberty jail, and Adam- Ondi -Ahman, and teach my kids all about what is going to happen there. We are going right now because my sister's son Dallen is getting baptized and he really loves his Uncle Dave. He is a serious guy like him. He asked Dave to speak at his baptism. So cute. The kids can't wait to be with their cousins. fun fun. Lots to share when I get back I am sure. Happy Spring Break!

horses really are beautiful animals.

Weekend fun!

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but it is an activity that happens very often at our house, and usually on the weekends. Dave and I were leaving on a date and Rachel was babysitting and as I was leaving I had to take these first three pictures. The rest I found on my camera when I got home. Rachel had done their make-up as well and took pictures of the girls. I think she did a pretty good job. How fun to have four girls. They have so much fun together.

Friday, March 07, 2008

this morning, I want a baby

It all started with this scrapbook layout by Jamie waters.
then my sister has to torture me with making so many incredible baby items. I need a baby to use them on.

and thanks jen for giving me this outfit that I love so much and stare at every day wishing I had a little girl to put it on. Let me explain. Jenn was packing away baby clothes and she knew I would love this because it says "delicious" , and I love to describe babies as being delicious and yummy. So I only have one problem. No baby and no hope of one. Dave really feels we are done with that phase of our life, and says I will always have these feelings and you have to stop sometime. Do I keep begging, or just live my happy little life. I am perfectly happy and busy, but oooh a yummy yummy baby to cozy. Thinking of all the other hard things a yummy baby entails keeps me ok with the idea. Must I really move on?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

oooh baby!

The Hallelujah song.... ok. I loooooved it (said in my best simon voice). Every time I see this kid, I think of John Travolta. Does anyone else notice this? I think he looks so much like him, but cuter in my opinion. I love his expressions when he is singing and his phrasing, like Paula said. I think he has the cutest personality too. I really like so many of the guys this year and really only Brooke for the girls. I must admit I am a sucker though for just the guitar sound and someone singing with their heart. I think Archuletta is awesome. I watched him sing the dreamer song ten times. What a gift. and for us older girls I'm thinkin the australian ain't bad. I really look forward with great anticipation for american idol every week. I am worse than the kids. Even Dave loves it, but only to watch simon be cruelly honest. He loves simon, and his comments. I do too, I admit. I guess that is why I married Dave. ha. Leah was cracking me up last night. She is so serious, and of course that is when she is the funniest. After one of the girls sang her comment was, "I just wanted more from her vocals." She was totally in earnest. That girl. Anyway, off to bed. I have worked out every day this week, but I have indulged in girl scout cookies. I just want to support a good cause. Oh, those samoas, bestill my heart.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Shoot up.

I miss baby snuggles like this. I love how their noses fit so perfectly together. You can find more here.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Goal Tomorrow

First the quote that inspired the goal.
"So many of us make a great fuss of matters of small consequence. We are so easily offended..... I plead with you to control your tempers, to put a smile upon your faces, which will erase anger; speak out with words of love and peace, appreciation, and respect. If you will do this, your lives will be without regret. Your marriages and family relationships will be preserved. You will be much happier. You will do greater good. You will feel a sense of peace that will be wonderful."-Gordon B. Hinkley
I have a habit. I often react too quickly and make a fuss out of small matters. Not because I am so upset but because it is a habit, and I tend to be too dramatic. I need to stop that. I want my home to always be a peaceful happy place. Of course the kids blow me off when I act crazy. They know I am not really angry, just irritated, but it does rob us of that sweet feeling that exists when we all talk kindly and are patient. So that is tomorrows goal. Off to bed. I have a a goal to go to bed by 10:30 every night. I have so many fun pictures to share, but I have to take the time to edit them first and I need to finish a photo shoot first. Tomorrow I will do it because I will feel so rested from going to bed early. smile.

80's flashback.

Dave and I went to an 80's party this weekend for my neighbor's 40th birthday. It was pretty fun picking out these hot outfits at Goodwill for the event. Sorry, I just wansn't willing to get a perm for the occasion but I did some serious ratting to make it as big as possible. I look like a football player with those huge shoulder pads! And how do you like Don Johnson? Dave had to not get a haircut for awhile and Ryan Kidd actually made a comment about his hair being "full bodied" at church the next day. You know it's bad when a guy comments to another guy at church about his hair. ha ha. I thought it would be hysterrical to go dressed like this to my 20 year reunion. That was.. until I saw this picture. I look seriously scary. I think it pretty brave to even put this on the world wide web. ha. So enjoy a laugh on me!