Saturday, May 31, 2008

favorite smells

Smells are very important to me in my life. I am being serious. I am a very sensory person. Smells can make or break my mood. My husband calls me and my sisters sensory super heroes, because that is our incredible gift (and fault, ha). I don't think the "League of Justice" is really looking for a sensory super hero to join them. ha ha. Do you remember that cartoon back in the day. It can be a curse. Like I go absolutely crazy around cigarette smoke. I seriously can't handle it. Anyway, I have so many many favorites. I want to document them for posterity, and before smells start making me throw up. smile.
1. One of my absolute favorites.....water on dirty pavement. I guess it is the smell of water and dirt. It can be from rain or the sprinkler on a hot day. It totally reminds me of when I was little in So. Cal and laying out on the hot cement in my bathing suit with the sprinklers on in our front yard oscillating back and forth. My girls know this about me. One time when we were bike riding in Tahoe I made them ride back and forth in front of one house through the sprinklers that were on and coming out onto the road. Nothing says summer like that smell. Of course rain has a similar affect, I always open all the window and doors when it rains. It is intoxicating. I don't understand why people need drugs and alcohol for a high. There are so many things in this life that give me a healthy high. smile
2. The smell of clean hotel linens. I am sure you know why that is a euphoric memory for me. VACATION and rest from the stresses of daily life. I sleep so good when I am on vacation. I love that feeling of being alone with Dave, reading in bed together (and such-smile) not a care in the world. So peaceful and restful. It is usually hard to get out of bed, I fight through it though to get out on the beach, ha. Which leads to another favorite ....
3. The beach. Who could not love the smell of the beach? Enough said.
4. Of course one of every one's favorites... chocolate chip cookies baking. To me the smell means cozy family time. We always made them growing up on Sunday nights and cozied together and watched murder she wrote. It is one of our favorite family traditions with my siblings when we are together. Good thing we added Grant to the family who's family owned a cookie shop and could teach us the absolutely best recipe ever and all the secrets to perfect chocolate chippers. That is the real reason that Kelly married you grant. No that isn't completely true your impression of a gorilla put you over the top by a mile. ha ha. Remember how my Mom would beg for you to do it and then totally scream and be scared of you. I haven't seen you do that in awhile. Start practicing we will be there in a couple of weeks. smile.
5. I can't leave out the smell of turkey on thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the most heartwarming days of the year. All goodness is wrapped up in that smell. So who wants to come here for thanksgiving this year? C'mon how can you resist adding the hot tub into your football schedule. We'll be out shopping (for baby clothes, smile).
6. This is the funny one. I love the smell of coffee. Which is funny because I have never drank coffee in my life, but it reminds me of my Grandma Crepps house. Which is one of the best places on earth. The moment you walk in her house you feel the love and coziness. I think maybe she started the whole cozy thing. Some of my best and happiest memories are going to my Grandma's house for Sunday dinner. She is the best cook. I would love to just sit up at her bar overlooking the cooking area watching her cook, talk and laugh with my mom. Oh, how I love her laugh (that will be on the favorite sounds list. smile). I will never forget the smell or taste of her homemade noodles that she served over mashed potatoes with a chicken sauce. My dad always begged her for that low carb dinner. ha. It was seriously so good. Than the feeling of being full, tired, happy, and completely content as we piled into the station wagon at night to go home. Everyone would instantly fall asleep. I would always wait though until we drove off the mountain. She lived at the top on Mt. Baldy in So. Cal. and the view at night of the whole valley as we drove down the hill was awesome. Than, I would allow myself to drop off to the perfect happy sleep.
7. A smell that I have come to love in my adult years is the smell of Lavender. About 6 years ago, I first found my love for yoga. The sweet peace it brings my often anxiety filled mind is nothing short of miraculous. The smell of lavender is now linked with the feeling of total peace and relaxation. Namaste. Using essential oils is opening up so many other smells that bring that same feeling. Is it no wonder that I am obsessed with them now that you know I am a sensory super hero. Smells can be seriously mind altering, and so many are legal. ha ha.
8. I know I have said it before, but nothing is better than the smell of my kids. i like to nuzzle into their necks and just drink them in. Especially when they have just gotten out of the bath. They all know to come straight to me after they bathe for a smell inspection. I just love that clean baby smell. Yes they are still my babies.
9. OK this is funny. I love the smell of Dave when it is hot outside and he is all hot and sweaty. I bet you don't hear many women saying that. It reminds me of when we were first dating. It was summer and we would go and play tennis all the time. Of course we would meet often at the net for a kiss or two. We needed to congratulate each other when we had a good shot right? ha. I don't miss Dave's short (by today's standard) fluorescent green shorts he wore. Of course I had a pair of yellow ones. Makes me cringe, but it went well with my permed hair. ha.
10. Last but not least the smell of freshly laundered clothing. I don't wear perfume, it is too strong for my sensitive sense of smell (ha), but I love the smell of clean clothes. OK so that doesn't count as a new one that is just like clean hotel linens. So I will share my favorite lotion. I believe it is my signature smell. ha ha. I love the smell of Avon's soft and sensual lotion. I can't get enough of it. Usually I get tired of things. Like all of my obsession kicks that I get on for awhile, but this is different. It has become my smell. Maybe someday it will be on the list of one of kids favorite smells. Because I am sure they will be making such lists, since I have passed on my super powers. Jacob will I am sure be getting a call or letter soon to attend "sky high" with all the other super hero children. I am just afraid he will be a side kick. ha.
here is a picture of me with my perfect Grandma (my mom's mom).
PS. I keep thinking of more as I read your comments. I must add.
11. An ode to bath and body. About every five years I allow myself to go in that heavenly place and spend hours smelling everything and leave with a huge bag of new goodies. I am still savoring all my coconut lime verbena stuff (lotions, sugar salt scrubs etc.) I love the smell of lime. Coconut too. Hawaiian tropic suntan lotion is also one of the best smells on earth. Slather it on. Nothing relaxes me more. Of course because I associate it with soaking up the sun, laying on a lounge chair, and reading a good brainless novel while I listen to the sounds of the ocean waves. Heaven!!!
12. Teri writing Christmas trees (which I love) reminded me of another of my favorites. When we first get to lake Tahoe and step out of the car and the overwhelming pine aroma. It is so incredible. It is worth the drive just to smell it. I am sure it is all the fresh clean air with it too. I love to just sit out on the porch and read while drinking it in. Also, while you are there find a huge Jeffrey pine and smell it. They smell like a candy shop.
I am sure I will be adding more, but I am pretty sure i will not be adding horse manure to it Ali. ha ha. Although I do understand, it is an earthy smell. Rebecca loves it. I just think of flies when I smell it. i really haven't figure out a purpose for flies in this life yet. I do agree with the smell of gasoline. But that might come under one that is illegal. ha ha.
13. I just thought of another. A tire store. I remember loving to go with my Dad to the tire store. I could sit in there and smell all day long.

Friday, May 30, 2008

For Ali

Here is one to wet your whistle. CAn't wait til I have one of my own. smile.

the power of a woman

this picture is one of the coolest that I have ever seen. I love it so much! It was hanging on the wall in the Italian restaurant that we went to last night. Look at all the different expressions of the men. I love it! You can tell what kind of man, and how they feel about them self by their expression. For example, look at the young good looking man's expression, compared to an older homely man. Each expression is so unique, but all tell a story of admiration and appreciation for something of beauty. I think that woman truly is God's most beautiful creation. I love how her uniqueness and beauty is emphasized by the drab surroundings. That really is what women do in this world. They create beauty wherever they are. I love her posture. One of strength and confidence, yet still very feminine. I could go on forever. What do you like about it? (Kelly this is the perfect time to quote "The Saint") Do you lauk it?

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I guess the cruise was a little too much fun! The name of our boat was the "Destiny Star". What do you think? If it is a girl should we name her that? ha. (yes that is a joke)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am a woman that gets obsessed with food items for a period of time and than I move on to the next obsession. Currently it is this meal. Toast made from this incredible tasting bread, cream of wheat with brown sugar, and yummy orange juice (ok if you must know, tropicana pure premium with calcium. Due to my lactose intolerance). I could eat this every meal right now. It just hits the spot! In fact, I would love to have it right now, which means I better go to bed, since unlike a hobbit I am not allowed "elevensies." But you know what I am going to have as soon as I wake up. That will be my motivation to get out of bed. yum. goodnight


Here it is! Motivation on the way. I first heard of this book from Heidi Swapp. She is such a super go getter. Always has great ideas for setting goals etc. My other favorite book "SHE" also came from the same publisher as this one...Compendium. Their website is appropriately named Watch out, you could be on that site for hours. Back to the book "5". The question it asks is, "Where will you be in five years? It is a "play book" not workbook, for living life on purpose. It celebrates the "want to's" the "choose-to's" and "I can't wait to's" in your life. It leads you on the path to following your dreams because if you don't have a dream, how can you have a dream come true? Helps you set goals because "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time!" (B.J. Marshall) The hero in this book is YOU!!! You are the hero of your own story. Do you know how amazing you truly are???? How will you change the world? How do you want to be remembered? One of my favorite quotes in the book is by Diane Ackerman.
"I don't want to get to the end
of my life and find that I lived
just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."

Isn't that awesome!! The book only costs $15.oo. It is so pretty and colorful that I don't want to write in it. I read the book to Dave as we drove home from San Diego in March. Even DAve was motivated and excited about life. ha. So remember......The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely or blame. The gift of life is yours-it is an amazing journey-and you alone are responsible for the quality of it! So lets get to it ladies (and gentlemen).

Monday, May 26, 2008

ava & trinati

I had so much fun babysitting these little angels on friday. I wanted to keep them but their mom wouldn't let me.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the lowdown.

So here are the facts real quick.

1. I love love Sundays. My heart is so full of joy to have a day to just feel the spirit. To meet my family at church. They really are my brothers and sisters and I love them and they lift me up. Every Sunday after church I am filled with new excitement to be a better person. I leave with new goals and resolve. I especially have tender feelings today on this memorial weekend for those men and women who "have more than self their country loved." How blessed I feel to live in this great nation, with all of the opportunities it provides.

2. I have been spending ALOT of time taking my photography business to the next level. I am learning new skills like crazy, getting new equipment, finding the products that I want to use like albums etc., and working on my new website. So there will be some upcoming changes. I also am so sore today from taking pictures all day yesterday. I had a family photo shoot in the morning (by the way I used the new chair and I can't wait to show how awesome it worked), and than I had a wedding all afternoon and evening. My legs and back are sore from all the weird contorting I do and the up and down. ha. Plus my hands and forearms are killing me from using this new heavy lens I have. How pitiful am I?

3. I am totally getting into essential oils. More info about that in the future. I am a part of a new company who's goal it is to have the purest essential oils for sale on the market and to mainstream them with modern medicine. The company doesn't officially launch until Sept. I just got my first set of oils in the mail this past week and all of us are hooked. The kids love them as much as I do. Currently we are all fighting over the peppermint. It is amazing! I have been using it for the pain in my arms and it is heavenly. So anyway, more on that as well later.

4. School is out in a week and I can't wait! I can't wait to not have so many scheduled things. No more sports, plays, dance, violin lessons etc. We have lots of fun plans for the summer. I can't wait to see my family. Oh I have the most fun sisters on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, my brothers aren't that bad either.

5. I just found out that the prophet announced that they are going to build a temple in phoenix. The location exactly hasn't been told. I AM SO EXCITED!! This will be the 3rd new one in the area that they are planning to build. The temple is a little piece of heaven on earth. Yes, heaven will be closer! smile.

6. I plan on doing serious scrapbooking. I don't have any of our pictures from the past probably 4 years where the kids can see them, and that is one our favorite things to do is sit and look through pictures together (the kids and I). I have been so busy with so many other things. But I am going to carve out time.

7. The women's support group that i started back in January has been life changing for me. My intention initially was to help others that were on my mind and heart. Turns out that it has probably helped me the most. We all came with big goals, and than realized after we initially failed at trying to do it all at once that we needed to break it all down into the very smallest of baby steps. Literally. I thought it wouldn't make a difference, but it has!!! So amazing. I am accomplishing things that I never thought possible, like going to bed earlier, reading scriptures and praying with Dave in the morning, exercising at home, eating healthy. I have had increased discipline that I always struggle with. It has come so slowly the ability to overcome my weaknesses that I have only realized recently just how far I have come. I have been more consistently getting closer to having that balance I am always wanting. I am such a crazy person, it is really hard to harness all that craziness for good. ha.

I said this would be real quick. oops. I need to get ready for church and I just realized that I was planning on having baby shower invitations ready to pass out in church today for my friend Amy. OK. so one last thought that I have hanging up next to me at my desk. It is in regards to how to receive answers to your prayers. Who doesn't want to know the answer to that! But are you ready for it? Because like everything of worth and value it takes work and that all annoying discipline that I struggle with. (what can I say the flesh is weak! ha) So are you ready for the answer? Of course you are.

"Receiving personal revelation is not a passive process. We must repent, ask through prayer, be obedient, search the scriptures, fast, think pure thoughts, and develop a spirit of reverence."

-Elder Lionel Kendrick

Those things take time. We can't be lazy if we want answers to our prayers. We can't be lazy if we want to be close to Heavenly Father. We can't be lazy if we want all he has to offer us. It takes some initiative. We never appreciate things that are easy to get. We need to take the initiative, to work for it. Heavenly Father promises us all that he has, and in case you didn't know that is quite a bit. Are we really going to give it all up out of laziness!!! NOT I!!! ARe you with me???

Tomorrow, get ready to be inspired! I am going to tell you about the coolest book I found that is so motivating to really live life to the fullest! For now peace out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is how my girls look before bed. They love to have their hair wrapped up in towels. And of course they are always willing to pose for me. oh, this girl.

thrift store find.

I really only wanted one of these, but they were being sold as a pair, so I got both for 1/2 the price. I am really excited to use these in a photo shoot. I have some good ideas. i love the back of it. I think they are so cool! Do you like them?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my baby growing up continued....

who is this tall gangly thing? I don't recognize him. (click on all to enlarge)

If Jacob ever tries to tell you that he doesn't like having sisters....don't believe him. They love him and he drinks it in. Look at his expression above as Rebecca is giving him loves.
an intense game of thumb war. You can see Leah's love for Jacob in her eyes above.
and these girls keep him laughing non stop. How could they not. Look at Leah's expression below as Jacob goofs around with her. I don't know if he is pretending to hypnotize her or what! ha. Now here is the real Jacob. Totally goofy. Do you like his Nacho pose?

this pose is called seduction. Our friends showed us how they try to make each other laugh by doing funny poses and than saying, "seduction." Like it is a perfume ad or something. Incidentally the friends I am referring to are the friends we went on our cruise with. Wait until you see our seduction poses we took up on deck one night. Yes, we entertained some fellow cruisers.

Jacob was so excited when he saw this picture and exclaimed, "Look, you can see an Adam's apple." Which reminds me of something funny. When Rachel was like 3 yrs. old. She was asking Dave what that was on him. He replied, "an Adam's apple." Her response was as she touched her throat, "Is mine called an eve's apple." We got a good laugh about that.

My favorite. Think Owen Wilson.
Yah, it's real. (ha ha)

don't you love the serious pose.

Me trying to take a picture of myself kissing Jacob. I think it is quite flattering. ha.
I know you are so jealous right now Grant. My brother in law Grant is always asking me when I am going to do a post about him. He cracks me up. Very soon brother, very soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

the scare.

I thought that if Dave took all of his medications he was good to go, and would never have a heart attack again. I would never have to have those scary feelings of losing him again. Guess what? That is absolutely not true. I didn't realize how traumatizing it was to our family when Dave had his heart attack until we thought he might be having another one. A few weeks ago he was feeling nauseous and weak, which was how he was feeling the days leading up to his last heart attack. Even though he was not feeling any pain we thought we would go in to the emergency room and see if it is leading up to one and if it could be avoided. Oh that same drive to the hospital, the emotions. I can't believe how exhausting our emotions can be. To make a long story short, he was only dehydrated. What I learned from this experience is that really he can have another heart attack at any time. The doctor said we need to come into the hospital any time he has pain. We always have to be on guard because of his having heart disease. Which makes me ask myself, "how much time do I have with this guy?" Dave's answer would be I could die in a car accident any day. Why worry about a heart attack. True. It just made me realize AGAIN how fragile life is. How we really are in God's hands. any of us could be called home at any time. Every day with our loved ones is a precious gift. How wonderful that Sunday evening was when we came home from the hospital. We couldn't keep our hands off of Dave. We were so happy to all be together, and cherished every minute. We decided that Dave could have his birthday present early. Than we all snuggled in our bed and Dave read to us. It was cozy and wonderful. So, the goal for me is to just enjoy every minute. I keep catching myself thinking things like, "oh this is happening to prepare for when Dave dies." Is that just my anxiety speaking or am I really being prepared and blessed right now? I don't know. I really felt that Dave would be around for a long time after his heart attack. Now, I am questioning that again. Well, I tell you what. I am not going to waste time worrying or being scared. I am just going to continue loving every minute of my life. Living it to it's fullest with the ones I love. I am not even going to think about how I will get the Internet to work when it quits on me every day, or who will keep my craziness in check with calming words of wisdom and logic if I didn't have Dave. ha. I am just going to be grateful for what I have right now. Knowing that my Heavenly Father will always bless me and take care of me no matter what. What would I do without faith in God? Now that is a scary thought!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

brittany and kord engagements

I finally posted some more pictures from their shoot on my photography blog.
As always click to enlarge please.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My baby is growing up and I am not sure that I am ok with it. He has changed so much in the past few months it is starting to freak me out. I will show you what I mean when I post more of the pics that I took today of him. I must say though, Edward Cullen has nothing on this boy. smile. oh yah, click on the picture to see bigga betta version.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dave's 40!

Back from our trip. It was amazing to say the least. I am so grateful to my sister Nicole to stay 10 days with the kids. They had so much fun with you coco! They all had cute new haircuts when I came back too. How is that for a wonderful babysitter. These pictures are taken on Dave's 4oth birthday in a rain forest in Puerto Rico. Dave's favorite place on earth is a rain forest, in case you were wondering. We went to so many cool places starting in Puerto Rico, than St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, and St. Kitts. We went with some of our dearest friends the Hardings. Adventure, laughs, and food were never in short supply. A perfect vacation. So happy to be back home with my babies though. It was the best feeling to all be cozy in Rachel's room last night and read the scriptures together, and pray. I really love to teach my children the gospel of Jesus Christ. To see their spirits brighten when they feel the spirit is even better than anything I saw in the Caribbean. Thank you Heavenly Father for letting me be a Mom. It hasn't always been easy, I clearly recalled as I felt for the Mom on the plane last night who had a fussy toddler for 5 hours. It has been really hard and humbling to the max! But the rewards!!!! I could go on for hours. I just feel like right now in my life is a golden time. A time I will always look on with the sweetest of feelings. All of my kids are home and ages that are so fun. I feel like I am finally tasting the sweet fruit after many years cultivating the tree. It is all paying off. The day in and day out of dealing with temper tantrums, and teaching them the same things over and over. Not that their rooms are any cleaner, but they know how to love and serve others. We were reading last night in the book of Mormon about when Christ came to the people in America. The first thing He said and taught was that he paid for our sins and we just need to repent and become like a child and be baptized and He gave authority to men (such as Nephi) to baptize people in his name. The only other thing that he mentioned was to not contend with one another. To not argue and fight, that is what Satan wants. I talked about that with my kids. He didn't say don't lie, don't drink, don't smoke etc. etc. He said to be loving and kind. After repenting and being baptized that is the most important thing. That is his gospel. I am so so grateful that I have the tools that I need to raise my children to be happy and successful adults. They are free to make their own choices, but I will make sure that they know the ones to make that will lead them to happiness and peace in this life and joy for all eternity with our Heavenly Father. I am so happy that I have a husband that feels just like I do. We live in our own happy world. It's a good place.