Saturday, July 21, 2007

ONe MoreThing!!!

I forgot to mention my other beauty secret!! My sister GLor told me about MDForte. It is a face cleaning system. I am using level one. She said that Dermalogica was good for keeping up good skin but if you need repair work (which i do...) to use MDForte. I have been using it for a few weeks and I really do see and feel a difference. I started with level one. Just the face cleanser and whatever you follow up with. You can buy it on the web. I think I got the cleanser for only $11. You can check it out on the link below.
ps. we are packing up the kids again and heading out to Utah tomorrow. fun fun. Off to see siblings Kelly, Brett, and Nicole. I did three photo shoots this week and I am dying to share the photos but I have to finish the editing when I get back in August. They all turned out so good!! I love my job. Both of them. MOm and Photographer. How exciting to even say that I am those two things.

Friday, July 20, 2007

THe NEw Me!

At least the new me when I am in the mood to put on make-up, which isn't all that often unfortunately. ha. I have been really curious to try bare minerals. So when I was at the mall with the girls we all went in for make-overs at SEPHORA. I really liked the all over coverage but just with a light powder. The starter kit is only $60 and it comes with tons, and all the brushes. I highly highly recommend getting the foundation primer (prime time). It is so awesome!!! Also to finish it off get Buxom lip gloss. Supposed to plump up your lips. I don't however recommend the mascara (I look like I don't have any on). So there you go. I wanted to share my new find. Oh yah, I almost forgot. If you have dark circles like me definitely get the Stila brand coverup. Goes on like silk, really light, and great coverage. Check it out here! and scroll down to sephora's featured items.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Abbott Family Pics

This was the first photo shoot that I did that I didn't know anyone previously. I found out I had nothing to be nervous about. It was so much fun to meet new people, and get and insider look into their family. By the end of the shoot I felt like I was just another member of the family. Thanks Abbott family. It was so great to meet you. As always just go to my photography site for the rest. Hope you like them!


Ok so my two nieces are staying with us this week. Talk about living the teenage life again. I don't know if Lizzie and I can keep up. ha ha. We do nails, and swim all day. Shop at target for bras, go to barnes and noble for journals, go to outback for cheese fries and thunder down under. Stay up all night watching movies and making chocolate chip cookies. Sleep in until noon. Ok so they get to do that. I am up by at least 10 am. ha. We are having a blast! We are also trying to be really Spiritual. Lets get spiritual, spiritual, I wanna get spiritual (sing to tune of let's get physical by olivia newton john). We have been reading scriptures, and discussing lots. Talking about living to be worthy of temple marriage and how important that is. Praying, giving talks, writing in journals. It's like girls camp over here. Luckily Jacob is at scout camp! This has been so awesome for Kelsie because she is living with my brother now and can go to church, and have the missionary lessons and be baptized! She gets to go to young womens tonight to do humanitarian service. Friday night to a "late over party, saturday to the pioneer picnic, and saturday night to a youth dance. She wants to go to the temple visitors center in mesa, and utah. How exciting to see her so happy and glowing. We love Jesus around here. It's a good thing. And to my three sisters..... I think I am currently winning in the favorite aunt contest. ha ha.

ps. look at the muscle on Kelsie's arm in the first picture! That definitely didn't come from the Reneer gene pool. ha. so no fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is my niece Kennedy with her twin cousin Addison. Kennedy looks so much like her Dad!! Mike's(her dad) sister lives in surprise and brought over her 6 week old baby. It was like seeing Kennedy again as a baby! Look at how long she is, and she really likes to stretch out! I love the photo on the couch with my wide angle lens. Accentuates their long loveliness. So cute to see Kennedy holding her. She was so sweet with her and just couldn't get enough. What a good mommy she will be. So here they are Glor. Aren't you jealous you aren't here! smile

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MaDe my DAY!

My sister Kelly was asked to be a designer for poppy ink. They have the coolest monthly kits etc. Anyway, I looked on the gallery and she had the sweetest layout about me. She loves the picture of me that she took that is on the layout. I think I look really old and wrinkly in it. Now I know how she sees me. As the big (and much older) sister. Oh well, I am ok with that. Thanks kell. To see the layout click here! and then click on gallery and look under kelly mccaleb. oh so special! smile

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Laguna Beach

Why people pay the big bucks to live in So. Cal. Gorgeous coast line like this, and the cutest little beach towns to accompany it all along the 101. We went tide pooling all down in here. So beautiful.


All of us at the Pantages theatre in Hollywood! My kids have had all the songs memorized for a long time! so to be able to take them to see it was so great! The funniest was Lizzie saying out loud during the song popular, "I get it!" Of course I had to quickly cover her mouth and explain you can't talk, but so cute. She finally understood why they sang that song.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Fun

thought i would throw on a few more from the pier. we hit the waves next!


Me and 6 crazy kids have been rockin CALI! I have so many fun pictures to share. We brought home with us my niece Kelsie. My niece Kennedy is flying in tomorrow. Dave and Jacob are at Scout camp. So us 7 girls are going to have serious girl time!
p.s. click on this picture to enlarge it and check out all of their expressions. It's the best!!!! I think I love Leah's the best!