Thursday, July 31, 2008

gorgeous Lindsay

click on picture to really be wowed!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

mission accomplished

Mr. and Mrs. Smith's wedding pictures are done. Alexis, they will be mailed off tomorrow! To see more, head on over here!


I have been editing all day, and my office looks like this, ugh. Luckily Rebecca Mary's restaurant is open and ready for business. YES! That means that I don't have to make dinner tonight!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am doing so good.

I am doing so good on writing down everything that I spend and really trying not to spend at all to be honest. Usually when I get with my sisters and on vacation we love to shop! This can prove quite detrimental to my budget. i am happy to report that this time I shopped but at garage sales and thrift stores. This vintage (in brand new condition) Parcheesi game that became a highlight of our trip wherever we went is one such item I picked up in Tahoe at a garage sale for two dollars. I was very excited about the blockade that I made in the picture above and couldn't stop laughing about it (in my mischievous sisterly way). I am the two red pieces there together and I had all four of Kelly's players blocked behind me. I thought myself quite hysterical. My sisters thought I was quite annoying. ha ha. good times, huh sistas? Now for something to make my sisters so incredibly jealous. These shoes below. I found them at a thrift store in Florence, Oregon. They were only one dollar. Be still my heart! They fit perfectly and look new, and are from Italy and really old. Can you believe? Aren't you just so jealous! Of course Nicole, I have been wearing all the clothes you gave me with my thrift store finds. Oh and by the way you can click to enlarge the picture. ha ha. All of my sisters think they are so clever and funny (they kinda are, but that is beside the point). Nicole said that the name of my blog should be "click to enlarge" because I wrote it by pictures so much. Her thinking is duh, we all know that. My thinking is duh, some people are as computer illiterate as me!!!! So, I guess I am not allowed to write that anymore, and besides half of them don't ever enlarge. What is up with that? I haven't taken the time to figure that one out yet. And if anyone knows how to change the html in blogger to enlarge pictures really big will you please teach me?
(Kelly, do you like my ankles? ha ha. I almost was able to get my wrist in the picture too. ha)
My other favorite finds were a vintage scarf at a garage sale for twenty five cents. I actually wore it to church. Dave tried not to laugh at me. I can't help it if he has no fashion sense. ha. Also, i had to rip out of Nicole's hands the cutest wallet that was a dollar. She took pity on me, and gave in. In Rexburg, ID Kelly, Nicole and I garaged sale in our pajamas with huge sunglasses on and I had serious purple burns on my face because Nicole works at a skin place and convinced me to let her burn off some of my age spots. It hurt so bad, I seriously almost passed out. What we women do to look younger (and it was complimentary, so I didn't go over budget.) It is so nice to have such talented sisters. Gloria and I are constantly having to update because our younger sisters make us. So, one last thing. I found the sweetest baby blanket in Florence too. So Kelly and Nicole whoever has the first baby girl gets it! I love you my sisters and i miss you so much. Why don't we live closer to each other. Oh yah, because than we would drive each other crazy. ha ha.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jakie is home!!!

Jacob has been in Tahoe for two weeks with my Dad. I picked him up from the airport last night and I swear he had grown a couple of inches more. We had so much fun talking and laughing all the way home and he made me stop at in-n-out. When we got home we cozied on his bed and talked and laughed some more. This morning, Jacob was up bright and early enjoying the love and attention of his sisters. He came in to wake Dave and I up and told me that they had cleaned up all of downstairs and were going swimming and to come and join in the fun. Dave got out there sooner than I did and what a happy sight to see out my bedroom window. Everyone playing and laughing outside. We spent all morning playing in the pool. Our best vacations as a family really are just in our backyard playing together. Dave and Jacob stole off later to golf together, and tonight's activity was a Brady Bunch marathon. Jacob just came down to say that he can't watch anymore because his DVD player overheated. ha ha. We were blissfully happy today. There wasn't even any arguing. You don't often get days like this, so my prayer tonight will definitely be one of gratitude. We are all together again, and all is well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

little madi

See Teri, I did take a couple of pictures when I babysat Madi. She is such a chubba lubba. The girls think she looks like a cabbage patch doll. Lucky you to have such precious little girl.

which do you like better the color or black and white? gotta love those eyes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sprinkles cupcakes.

Sprinkles cupcakes is open and ready for business. My friend Jen is the manager for the store that just opened in Scottsdale, so we just had to go down and check it out, and support her (it had nothing to do with the cupcakes. smile). It was different than what I pictured in my mind. Isn't the design of it very simple and cool. Very shi shi, or maybe it was just the people that were coming in. I really wanted to photograph them, they all looked straight out of a magazine, so beautifully put together. I forgot that you really can tell the difference between Target and designer clothing, seriously. The girls and I tried not to stare. Here I was feeling all great because I had gotten dressed for the day and had make-up on. I was seriously regretting not taking the time to find shoes that matched. ha ha. We really looked like ragamuffins. oh well. How I knew for sure that the store was in Scottsdale was because on the counter were tiny cupcakes for dogs that were each $2.50. When you are wealthy why do dogs become such a big deal? At the mall there they have dog cafes and dogs are sitting outside all the doors. We saw twin dogs in a stroller. Crack me up. We even saw a dog resort on our way home. It was like a Ritz Carlton. So our trip out into the big world was very exciting. In this cabinet were specialty items (no surprise a dog onsie that said sprinkles, hey that is a good name for a dog.) Those tubes are the mixes to take home and make. I am kicking myself for not buying one. Here is Jen showing us the back of the store where the magic happens. Trays and trays of cupcakes that melt in your mouth. Looks like heaven to me! We all chose one we want. Of course I got the red velvet, which is one of the best things I have ever tasted on earth!!!! Jen gave us a couple extra which I horded and ate myself and didn't even save one for Dave. Isn't that terrible?
So thanks Jen. You are a ROCKSTAR! how you have lost 35 pounds since working for them is beyond me. We love you!
p.s. if you happen be in Scottsdale and find yourself at the northeast corner of Scottsdale Dr. and camelback go try out these heavenly cupcakes (and please bring me one home too. smile)

for Alexis

I am so in love with this image. I think it should be my business card for weddings. What do you think?
Alexis, I am done with most of the pictures. There were just so many good ones. I have been taking way too much time playing around with them. I just need to finish up all of the family shots and than they will be in the mail. Could you email me your address? I will post a ton on my photography website soon. Thanks for being so patient.
You are next Lindsay!

why am I awake at 2 am?

Because I am insane that is why. Where does the time go when the house is all quiet. I play around with photoshop, read blogs, do the dishes, watch John Adams the mini series with Dave. Which by the way is so awesome, not done watching it. I love John Adams relationship with his wife. I love how he counsels with her, and cherishes her friendship. I love how gentle she is with him, patient while listening, and supportive. I can't believe how incredible and miraculous the forming of this nation is. These men were definitely led by God. The acting and cinematography is amazing. Word of warning though, When they start to tar and feather a man fast forward. I didn't realize there would be a naked man in the movie-yikes.
Just some randomness.
-I love avocado, tomatoe, and bean sprout sandwiches on wheat berry bread. You won't believe how good it is. Make sure you salt and pepper well.
-I am really in love with the soundtrack for the movie "Dan in Real Life." I really think it is genius. So unique, and matches the feel of the movie perfectly. I really love the movie too.
(come on sing with me, "Ruthie, pig face, Draper")
-I have strong cravings lately for chilie cheese fries and a rootbeer float blended from sonic. Rachel just introduced me to them this past week. I am so hungry right now, do you think they are open? and yes, I weigh more right now than I ever have except when pregnant. Now that is an accomplishment. Leah said tonight that when she lays down on my behind (her pillow of choice tonight during scriptures) that she was only laying on one side and it was still bigger than her head. Dave found that quite funny. See the kind of embarassing stories you can get out of me late at night.
-I am sad that my kids are getting older. I really miss Jacob being 4. He has always had such a pure heart. It kills me to see him having to deal with such ugliness from the world. I can't make his heart stay pure and perfect. I can't always protect him. That is the hard part of being a parent. Slowly transferring responsibility for his life from my shoulders to his. I don't know who it is more painful (or joyful) for- me or Jacob. That is way too deep and emotional of a subject to go into right now. I am going to bed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In case you were waiting...

there are more pictures up of baby Axel and family.

sweet family

isn't he such a cute little guy. More of this family on the photography blog.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is breathtakingly beautiful. Dave is from Oregon and we stayed at a house on the coast for his family reunion a couple of weeks ago. Now when you think of beach, don't be thinking it is southern California. It is freezing cold. But the landscape just steals your heart and there are so many cool things to do. This is the first part in a series of our Oregon Coast adventure. By the time I am through, you will be packing the car to head up there. Just bring warm clothing. We ended up at the thrift store the first day buying jackets. How quickly we forget that there is such a thing as cold now that we live in Arizona. Of course one of our favorite things to do was just head out the door and take a walk down to the beach. A group of us started out on our walk but Rebecca and I just stayed and played longer. I love taking pictures of my Rebecca Mary. She is such a love. So off we go......

Ah the joy. More beach adventures to come.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is my brother in law (kelly's husband) Grant. I have been promising him that I will do a post all about him (he really needs alot of attention, ha). He seriously is one of the funniest people I know. He has tons of different personas that he is always playing that have their own voice and mannerisms. I really like his truck driver routine. (Hey grant, what is your handle by the way?). He specializes in weird sounds and likes to beat box. I love when he gets in the mood to dance (after watching so you think you can dance). We beg him to. He has his own unique jumps and moves that make us laugh until we cry. He first won our family over with his getting into character as a gorilla. He is so convincing it scares you. My mom once screamed and kicked him in the face. Luke Wilson is his style icon, as you can see above. So he just went through a long hair phase recently and seriously wore this headband exactly like this all the time. Just a couple of days ago he shaved it all off though. No more styling it to be vinny caprianni (or whatever you called yourself). So here are some pics from when we were in Tahoe with Grant, a day in the life if you will. First off a bike ride. Grant had to wear this big funny helmet that he got at a garage sale for 1 dollar the day before, and ride a bike that is way too small for him. Before we biked down to the river we biked to a garage sale down the street, where Grant found something he really wanted...This mini motorcycle. Of course he had to pull a jean jacket from off the rack at their garage sale and pose on the bike. pretty tough.
Than on to the river. I came around one corner behind Grant and this is how I found him. He totally biffed it. I am glad he went first. Good thing he had that helmet! ha
then he asked Jacob to play "supercalifragilisticexpealidocious" instead of "horse". I can't remember who won, but this was one of the shots to bounce it down between your legs while you jumped of course and make it into the basket. Being the tease that he is he had all the little kids doing things for him, retrieving balls and the like and than saying they got a dollar for each time. They all had their running totals and were so excited that Uncle Grant was going to give them 52 dollars or 102 dollars etc.. Dallen and Leah (the two flanking him and you can tell they are pestering him about what amount they were up to) are our two serious ones in the family. They were really mad when they found out it wasn't for real, and Grant really didn't have any money to give. They decided to sue him and had kelly be the judge and hear the arguments. Leah insisted that if he didn't give her the money he would have to buy her a cell phone ( I know, that makes no sense). She just couldn't let it go. I can't remember what the final judgement was, but I think Grant just declared bankruptcy. ha. that night kelly sends him in to help me make dinner in the kitchen (in other words so he wouldn't be bothering her). He proceeded to do little helpful things like throw food at my knife as I was dicing things, so it would be diced too. He can be very tiresome sometimes. ha ha.

A few more random facts... He worked at outback steakhouse as a Waiter while going to school, and would always get the most tips because he is so entertaining. He would always have some weird name on his name tag. Grantholomew was one of them. What were your others Grant? He was always in the running for winner of the Halloween costume contest. One time he came in a full on 70's snow skiing outfit. Tight flared leggings and even unbuckled old ski boots. He clanked around all night. What are some of the others? Grant may have to do a guest post on my blog. He currently works for the city of Provo, UT where he spends all day entertaining all the old men that work there. They love him. In fact Grant is well loved wherever he goes. Not for his stylish ways, although people do love that too (especially his track jacket collection). Not for his sense of humor, although they love that too. And really not for his looks. ha ha. It is because he really has a good and kind heart and would do anything for you. He is really smart and a hard worker too. What is weird is that usually you marry your opposite, but Kelly married someone who is just as crazy as her. She says it is because no one else could handle them. They understand each other. Well, I am just glad he is my brother. My kids can't stop talking about him since we spent a week with them. We all keep imitating all the ways that he calls to their dog penny. Seriously he has 30 names for her and songs. So, we miss you grant and wish you lived nearer. Even Dave who doesn't like to be around anyone more than his computer gets all excited when he gets to hang out with you. He is so relaxed and happy when he gets to hang out with you. so was this post good enough? Are you happy? Are you feeling the love? Now I expect you to do a post about me. I know, I know you did do a post that had a picture of a lady with kids giving the bird that looks just like me after you learned that my kids can't read your blog because it isn't "G" rated. ha ha. My favorite thing you ever put on was this...... I think I will get a couple friends and do this for the next ward talent show. ha ha

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where do I begin?

How about with some of my favorite images from one of my favorite photo shoots. I seriously need to update my photography blog. I am way way behind. Being out of town for a month will do that. Plus, I have so many fun pics to share from my trip. So here is a teaser. Lots more on the way. Photography is so exciting to me, I can't really express it. I just love images that evoke emotion in me. Any image that shows a loving relationship gets me every time. That is what I hope my images do for the families that I photograph.

brother was so cute with his new little brother.

Sister may still be on the fence as to whether this new baby thing is gonna work. SO CUTE!WElcome to the wOrld baby AXel.