Sunday, September 24, 2006

someone's five today!!!

my new cowboy boots!


that's my girl

this is quite common for Rachel. She was a making up all these different funny pose sequences and then would say her name. Keeps things fun around here.

times are a changin

this is definitely a new scene in my home. jacob hanging out talking on the phone to a friend. I am sure it is a scene that will become quite familiar to me in the next few years.

Dave's mug shot

Don't you love the book that I got dave and I at the library. I am trying to get closer to him than the computer and the football game on the tv. ha ha.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Protecting my babies

I have to write this down before I forget. Here is the scene. sunday night talks on my bed. I spoke one on one with the three little girls again about "the rules" when we are at others houses. Brought on of course by Leah trying to be passionate with me. oh my that girl. I wish I could tape record these conversations. Funny phrases I have to remember. 1. When talking to rebecca about not watching things on tv that are bad or make you feel uncomfortable I asked her what are bad things for instance. She first said killing, then couldn't think of anything else. then like a light bulb went on and she exclaimed, Things on Fox! we laughed and then she said questioningly, "octopus" we were totally laughing. That makes me glad that she doesn't know. We figured out that she was thinking of the new pirates of the carribean that she can't watch. Of course we went over how our body is special etc etc. Lizzie said I'm going to take my special body out of here as she slinks out when she was done. Leah of course takes the cake with (amongst many other comments) when talking about not letting anyone touch our bodies and Dave says oh that will be great when she gets married. So I added when you get married than it is ok. She interrupts and says "wait, you mean when I get married I have to touch my bottom". Sheesh no wonder her underwear looks like it does ha ha. I am just kidding. We got into the whole stranger thing too and doing scenarios and what they should do. Lizzie was getting a little worried and I know she was thinking ok this is getting to be too much for me to take in and remember it all and be able to deal with. when i gave her a scenario and asked what she should do she said, I don't know my brain doesn't work so well. When i am listening to you it turns from the listening to the dreaming. I grabbed her in my lap and said that is why you always just stay with your mom and you will never have to worry. It makes me sick that I do have to scare my girls like this, and that our world is such that I have to, but the best protection is knowledge. Boy will anyone get an earful if that try anything with these ones.

The best compliment

I was at the school all day friday between Donuts for dad in the morning. two separate assemblies for student of the month, and grandparents (or parents if no gp was available) day. Anyway I just watched what my kids did
after school so I know what they are doing when they are waiting for me. this is the scene I saw of my "little women" just call me Marmie. They all love and care for each other. As I was leaving with them the music/drama teacher who knows all of the kids said. You have the most wonderful family. How do you do it? I am not worthy, and she started doing the arms up and down in praise. could there be a better compliment? I ask you? Believe me no one was saying that five years ago when I was in the all babies crazy years. See all the teachings do finally sink in. It takes quantity time and quality time. It is the little things day in and day out over and over and over and over and over again. but this may be the calm before the storm of the highschool years. but i think I paid pretty heavy in the toddler years. maybe i will be spared. ha

kindergarten cuteness

This is Lizzie's cubby at school. Is this not the cutest ever. Want to remember this.

happy Birthday to Me!!!

Leah turning six and on top of the world. She had a super girl party theme and we had a shirt already that used to be Rachel's. Perfect. Don't you love Rachel's fashion statement. She is into wearing 20 choker necklaces too. I have to cut them off in her sleep when they get too ratty. ha ha. Anything from yarn to metal. love that girl.

"Best Day of my LIFE"

Leah's dream was to have her 6th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (like chuck E. Cheese). Of course this was my nightmare, but so worth it to see her absolutely in heaven. She proclaimed it the best day of her life. that is what being a mom is all about. Making the best days happen. love it. Needless to say I crashed at 8pm that night, which if you know me is unheard of unless I am deathly ill. ha. It must have been the pizza. ugh.

crack me up!

Leah trying out her gifts. New purse and cell phone make up holder. Love the stance and attitude. I am all that!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This one is a Reneer. A girl after my own heart. She has the most expressive face. She is so into dancing right now. Today it was jazz shoes and wicked the musical playing. I signed her up for a hip hop class. I plan to be highly entertained by watching her.

After school

I loved today. Sitting on the couch and talking with all the kids about school. Jacob and the boy girl thing. Megan the new girl likes him. That keeps a smile on his face.
There are only 7 boys in his class. They all get along. He is wondering if he should try out for the play in drama, or run for student council. Lizzie was happy to report that she stayed on green all day today. Rebecca is in heaven to be home and loved, getting right down to work with her homework, and Leah dancing all over and being a goof ball. I love them all. I love when I get to pick them up from school and they all come running to the car. Heaven.


Is that how you spell that Dad? I am pretty sure that this is the definition of it.


this girl has me bewitched.

what a natural beauty miss rebecca is

Student of the month

Both Jacob and Rebecca were chosen by their teachers as student of the month the first month of school. It says because they show others what it takes to be a good student and how to treat others with dignity, respect and care. I couldn't be happier that my children fit that discription.

and Rebecca too!

I am so proud of my babies. They are so good. They try so hard in school, and try to be good people. Help and be kind to others. they make my life so full.

someone was not

this girl is a nut! reminds me of myself at her age.

i love my sistas

What would I do without you guys. Certainly not laugh as much. love you

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guess where we went last night?

to see WICKED the musical. This was sOOOOOOOOOO incredibly awesome.
I can't stop thinking about it. If there is anyway you can see this do. Especially before it is recast. The two main characters are so incredible. They make the whole show. What a fun night. Especially since we got to go with our much loved friends the Hardings. they drove all the way from Utah to see it with us. Thanks for coming guys. Dave hasn't been so happy in a long time.

Rachel was all aglow, mesmerized, and so excited. She loved every second of the production. I am so glad she got to go.

sooo excited. ha

Dave was not planning on coming with us, especially because the tickets cost so much. He was really more excited about watching football at home. Well, the Harding came for the weekend and to see the musical, and Roger convinced Dave to come. They couldn't wait to see if he liked it. and he did. He told me it was the perfect day. I couldn't believe it because he didn't golf and went to a musical. ha. I think having Roger to hang out with all day was the biggest reason, playing basketball, hanging in the pool, eating, football, and a fun night. How can you go wrong.