Tuesday, April 29, 2008

love those green eyes

Why does it take me so long to edit? I am never completely satisfied. I always want to go back and play with it some more. There are just too many possibilities. Too many different looks to go for. For now, another sneak peak.
p.s. Rebecca just came to me this morning after reading my blog all upset because I wrote that her turtle"s name is Jovie and it is Zulie. Jovie, Zulie, whatever. I guess i am not the loving pet owner that I thought. I was laughing so hard.

Last of the redecorating pics.

Rebecca's room above. That rug is from target and a is so soft and yummy.
Finally, the last of the pictures that I took of the room makeovers. I don't know if they do them justice, but what can I do? You can't see every detail in every room, but most everything. I still have a few finishing touches to do, but I am so much closer.

I need to change the pictures in Rachel's room to color. They would match the color scheme perfect. Her room is so much more vibrant and fun in person. and so you know, Rachel's room is the guest room. Really you can stay in any room you want. But she really wanted a bigger bed, with a better mattress. I told her in exchange she would have to give up her room for guests. She agreed. It really is so cozy. Looking at these pictures I think the rooms would look so much better with molding, but you really don't think that in person. So if we stay here for years longer we will have to do that. Dave will be happy to hear that (not!!!).
I love, love this bathroom. It is the jack and jill bathroom that rachel and rebecca share. So cute next to Rachel's colorful room. Of course it never looks like this. ugh.

hall bathroom. Our little turtle Jovie is in the bowl. So yes, we do have a pet. I am not totally heartless. ha.

Jacob's room. I don't have a picture of it, but we also painted the top of my old kitchen table red and it is Jacob's desk now. I think it was still out in the garage drying at the time. Hope you enjoy all the pics. I now have to get serious and finish Kord and Brittany's pictures.
P.S. I still haven't reported about the weekend. Still decompressing. We are all happy and fine and dave's heart is fine. So again, I am putting you off. If you really couldn't wait you called and already know. ha.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beautiful girls

At my church they have a program called "activity days" for the 8-11 year old girls. I had the 9 turning 10 year olds (Rebecca's group) over to teach them about photography. I snapped a few pictures of some of them. Aren't they beautiful. You can see it in their eyes.

I actually had a very emotional and somewhat traumatic weekend involving taking Dave down to the emergency room again. All is well, but I am too drained to give details. Just so glad that I can cozy Dave in bed tonight.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

melt my heart.

check out this photo shoot here

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two posts in one night.

These are the kind of funny things I see all day. (I think most mom's do). My daughter in a bathing suit and high heels doing her hoola hoop in the house. I am not sure why. This girl has the narrowest hips and she can hoola hoop like you can't believe. I got up to show her my moves. It was a disaster. When did I lose this skill? I really think it was just because the hoop is much smaller than a normal one. I still was able to do it on my arm and neck. ha.
This picture cracks me up. This is an expression that I see often. It is Leah enjoying some delicious morsel. She loves her some good food. She had just popped in a piece of chocolate, and was relishing it. The funniest thing that I overheard her saying to her sisters today as they were discussing their upcoming dance recital was, "I don't get nervous in front of everybody. I just think of them in their underwear, dirty underwear." Apparently dirty underwear does the trick for her. How can she tell if the underwear is dirty from the stage? I couldn't figure it out. She keeps us laughing for sure. They all do really. Well, I need to go to bed. I have to get up early and run to the store and get "white" rice to cook and soy sauce for a project Rachel has to give tomorrow about Japan. Why she didn't inform me until late tonight I don't know. We have brown rice here at the house but she insists that they don't eat that in Japan, and she can't confuse her classmates like that. ha.
P.S. only one week until we leave on our cruise and dave is the big 4-0! Speaking of birthdays. Today is DJ's. Happy birthday boy!
PPS. Nicole, you were a combo of Leah and Lizzie when you were little. They both remind me of you so much!

So Hot!

and I am not talkin' about the temperature. Doing Brittany and Kord's engagement pictures was so much fun. Ooh there are so many good ones. Just give me another week to finish editing them. I just had to share a bike one. Kord was definitely in his element once he got on his bike. We shot these when the sun was still high in the sky and I think it is perfect for the mood of this shot. Tough. I usually try to tame the light and make it softer. Here I loved it a little more harsh. Love it!

Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend news & sneak peaks of Rachel's room

Look how old Lizzie is starting to look. This is her typical sat. morning look. A t-shirt, unkempt hair that twists on its own into long curls. She is all about this calendar right now and marking off each day. And like everything she owns that can be written on it says, "I love mom." She seriously writes that on everything. Makes me love her all the more. She is the most scrumptious treat on a saturday morning to cozy and snuggle.
Yes, Leah lost her second front tooth this weekend. As you can see she is very proud.

a glimpse of a part of Rachel's room. Don't you love those old suitcases.

on her dresser. The photo is one that I took in college of my roommate who was a dance major.

I have had this idea for awhile. It hangs on the wall where Rachel will see it everyday. It is a message I want her to remember as the oldest daughter. THat her sisters are always watching her and what she does. That her example is so important, and they truly will go where she leads. She is a natural leader. How awesome to have her as the oldest girl. The picture is one that tara whitney took of us in Laguna. Lizzie is following her.
My weekend included running kids around. Rebecca has already moved up to a harder horse named Dusty. He is huge. She looked so dang cute riding up on him. Her teacher said she did the best of any of her students ever their first time on Dusty. Her teacher loves her and will stretch her lesson with her whenever possible. She says she is a natural, and just loves it. She really does glow when she is around horses and riding them. I plan on taking alot of pictures of her at her lessons and putting them in the frames all around her room.
Jacob was out with the scouts on an overnighter, Dave was out riding jeeps with the 16-18 year old boys. Rebecca also had a girls activity at church. Rachel was off playing with friends, Leah had a much anticipated birthday party. I asked her on the way over, "what she was going to obsess about now that the party is over?" Her reply, "you'll see." I was also laughing when she shouted out, "Look! A CARNIVAL!" (she meant convertible) It took us awhile to figure that one out! I spent time in the hot tub with Lizzie playing truth or dare. She asked many interesting questions, because of course I wasn't interested in having to get out of the hottub to do the dares. The best part of the day was going to the temple in the evening with DAve. Simply Heavenly. Afterwards we went to one of my new favorite restaraunts OREGANOs. Absolutely everything you order is divine. I love that they have old movies playing at the bar. I was the only one laughing out loud at the REd Skelton show. I so wish that humor that is clean and goofy was still in vogue. Anyway, as always church on sunday gets me so happy. We always have such uplifting messages given that get me pumped to be a better person. Here's to a new week of living life to the max, following my dreams on a daily basis, and loving with all my heart!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

oh the yumminess.

more of baby Dylan here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Schrieber

Lisa here is a sneak peak. He is a sweet little guy. I am so sorry I am behind schedule. I hope to have them done in the next couple of days. And for some reason this picture has a slight tint of green on this post. It doesn't really look like that. Maybe I will have to recalibrate my monitor. ugh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


New photo shoot up here. check it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm back!

(Gloria recovering the 2 dollar chair that I got from the thrift store. )

I realize it has been quite some time. I feel like I have lived another year in the past few weeks I have been doing so much. All fun of course. Also, my internet has not been working, which is very annoying. These are my excuses for not posting lately. My sister Gloria was here last week and I am just now recovering. She worked me so hard. I flew her out to help me finish up decorating the upstairs. We reorganized and decorated four rooms and 2 bathrooms, and they look incredible I might add. We were working from morning till late at night, that is if you call shopping working. Which of course I do. ha. My feet were killing me. We went to



TJMAXX (oooh I love that place. It is like Disneyland for me.)

Target (at least twice)




Kohls (twice)

Hobby Lobby



About 10 other furniture stores


Ok you have to admit, even for a seasoned shopper like me that is a bit much! Gloria would not let me rest! In between shopping trips we were cleaning, recovering chairs, power sanding, painting,putting together furniture, hanging curtains, pictures, frames, etc. So are you ready to see the results of our labor? Can you stand the suspense?!

Remember Gloria recovering that chair? There it is, so cute! I love love her idea for a bulletin board over the desk. We looked and looked, and couldn't find something already done that we liked. While we were in Ross the morning of the day she left she saw a metal fireplace cover (why can't i remember what they are called? ugh) . She had the great idea of ripping off one of it's legs (that helped it stand upright) and spray painting it. It is metal so Rebecca can use magnets to hang things. So, there we go again back to lowes for some spray paint and she is frantically out on my lawn painting at the last minute. She is a wild woman. We had to put it up a little bit wet before we left for the airport. Doesn't it look so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is alot bigger than it looks here. On the desk Gloria left this big book about horses for Rebecca's upcoming birthday, with the sweetest inscription. What a great Aunt. Anyway, I don't have time to put all the picture of all the rooms. this is just a little taste. The next two down below are from Leah and Lizzie's room. I just need to add our own pictures to all the frames we put up.So yummy huh? I am going to have printed up in those stickers that you can put on the wall and it looks like paint the poem.....

"I am a child of royal birth. My Father is king of heaven and earth. My spirit was born in the courts on high. A child beloved, a princess am I."

That is one of my favorite poems and will go perfect with their princess themed room ( you can't see those details on the bedspread). It will look perfect on the side wall. You'll see.

Enough for now. I have three photo shoots to edit. and no, you can't borrow Gloria. there are some things a girl can't share. I am so lucky that I have such amazing sisters!! p.s. Gloria I love and miss you so much. I have been so sad since you left (and not nearly as motivated ha ha).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm back...

(click on picture to enlarge)
...and exhausted. I seriously couldn't even sleep while in San Diego my brain was on overload with all of the new information. I couldn't stop thinking about all that I learned and how I was going to incorporate it into my style and what I do. All the new possibilities and ideas, oh so so exciting. The thing is (I realized all too quickly when I got home) that first and foremost I am a mom. Which I wouldn't have any other way! There is nothing better. So I may have to sit on some of my ideas for awhile, and slowly bring new things into play. San Diego was incredible. We stayed at the surfer hotel on mission beach. Awesome view, and just to listen to the waves as you lay in bed. Oh so relaxing and wonderful. We would get up in the morning and walk along the boardwalk and pier with hot chocolate and eventually find a yummy place for breakfast. It really was heaven. A big Big thank you to those of you who helped watch our kids. Especially Christine and DJ. They stayed the weekend here. She couldn't believe the non stop action of 5 kids, but the non-stop love was so wonderful. That is what makes it so worth it. I am pretty sure that a person couldn't be more loved than I am. My kids tell me 1,ooo times a day. I especially love all their little notes. I have to share this one that Leah passed to me in church. so precious.

Leah has been cracking us up as usual with her mixed up words. Last night at the dinner table she was holding up her hand and moving her ring finger back and forth and saying, "look! I'm patriotic." None of us really got it. Than we realized she was meaning double jointed not patriotic. Of course than the jokes come and Dave has his hand raised high moving his finger like her and singing, "I'm proud to be an american where at least I can do this." and on and on. We were laughing so hard. Lizzie was obsessed with the word "mamacita" yesterday and must have said it 100 times. She loved to call me that yesterday. Today was half day and the kids have been swimming all afternoon. I felt like I was in Hawaii, the perfect temperature and slight cooling breeze. It was wonderful. I love that my kids all want to be together and hang out. I feel like it is vacation every day lately. We enjoy just being together playing games, working, having dinner, running errands, the library, swimming, whatever. These are definitely the best years of my life. So back to Photography..... things may be a changing in the next year. I may even offer studio style photography. We will see. All in time. Family first. I love this picture up above that I took in San Diego. We went down town and had kids to photograph. I love this kid. He was so relaxed. Look at him just throwing his head back and laughing. We were asking him about his older girlfriend. Too cute. I took hundreds of course. But i have to edit two other shoots before I get back to them. Sorry Walter family! Yours will be done in the next day or so. They are so fabulous and I can't wait to share.
p.s. Who do you think will be kicked off tonight on american idol? and oh that aussie last night. I asked Dave if he would sing like that to me. oooh baby.
p.p.s. wait until you hear all of dave's adventures while we were in san diego. Let's just say...only dave. more details later.