Saturday, January 27, 2007

more is coming!

I have so many fun things to share. Good books I have read, pictures from my last photo shoot (one is down below). I am in the process of making my photography business web site (just on typepad). I am working on new goals and having cool things happening, but I must go to bed sooooooo in other words too tired now, but can't wait to share.

On being a mom

You know you are a mom when you find a tooth on your car seat, you pick it up, and wonder who's it is. When you get to play ping pong everyday with your 12 year old as part of your job description. When kids moan when you say that you have to go to the bathroom because it is time that I can't be with them. When you push the button to close the garage door, and it will never close because there is a bike, scooter, skate, or something in the way. When there are fingerprints all over the stainless steel appliances 10 minutes after you cleaned them. When you go in the bathroom and it isn't flushed and there isn't toilet paper in it (uugghh). When there is toothpaste all over the bathroom sink and counters. When you hear the words I love you a hundred times a day. All these things have happened today, and many more. I love it. For more goodness on being a mom go to my sister's blog and read the post with the cupcake picture. smile.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I think I like black and white better

Hmmmm I have daughters

I want to marry him!!

Is this the cutest little boy ever.

happy birthday kelly!!!!!!

I added a birthday message to a page that I did awhile ago. Love you kel!!! You know what is right around the corner.....the BIG 30!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


We went up sunday night and met friends at the marriot that has these slopes on the premises and a free hot breakfast. We played games, drank lots of hot chocolate and sled until we could sled no more.

While this was so much fun. I think once a year is enough snow for me. THe kids didn't agree! The pictures tell all.

Rebecca and those blue eyes

LEAH, So Hot Right Now!

I love the owen wilson look Leah is sporting here.

Leah was seriously cracking us up. In her signature style of being totally oblivious to her surroundings she attacked the slopes. Every once in awhile we would see her go flying by on her belly with this happy expression. She would be going diagonally across the hill clipping people, everyone trying to escape from her path and then she would go flying up over the bushes at the bottom and into a gully. It was so funny! So leah. it reminds me of the dog in funny farm that they would ever so often see running across the field. Of course it ended with Leah finally getting hurt and with a frozen hand since she lost one glove. That ended the day for her. that's our leah.

what memories are made of

It is so fun to look back at a picture and have a great memory. Even if at the time you were freezing and it didn't seem all that great. ha ha. I really wish I weren't such a wimp. I really needed a full on face mask, and serious arctic wear. The 10 cups of hot chocolate I had just weren't enough. ha. but seeing the happy expressions of my kids was priceless, and so worth it! Only once a year worth it though. (smile)


After just walking to the hotel lobby to get breakfast I was done with the cold for the day. I just kept thinking, how did the pioneers do this? What if I got trapped in the snow like we hear on the news. It gave me so much anxiety thinking about it that i spent most of the afternoon right here. Cozy in bed reading mr. Darcy, which is pride and prejudice from Darcy's view (so good, sisters I will pass it on when I am done). And of course I had snickerdoodles. What a fabulous combination. I needed to get out of my house to be able to do this. Just to take a nap without feeling I should be doing something else. I looooovvveee the smell of hotel bed linens. It is one of my things. It is a smell that takes me instantly into total relaxation mode. So you know another wierd thing about me. Add it to the long list!

another pair gone to shoe heaven

Jacob goes through pairs of shoes so fast now it is crazy. and expensive. We had to leave these ones behind in Flagstaff after a long day of sledding in them. They were soaking wet. How uncomfortable. Kids don't care. Was I ever like that?? ha. Do you like the electrical tape used to cover a hole. boys!

The tired out Dad

Dave was so much fun on this trip. He is such a fun Dad. He was out there sledding with them for hours. This is on our way home and we stopped for a healthy dinner. not. Who can guess where we are?

Almost Home

It was so beautiful coming back into the valley. The sillouettes

of the cactus in the sunset. I tried to get it on film. Dave was driving pretty fast though. ha

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Home with the sick girl

I love to be home with a little sickie. That means that I get to stay in my robe all day too! Give my baby warm baths, cover her with lotion, get her (and me) cozy and read books. Get one on one time. I came into my office and saw that Lizzie had put up this post it for me on a picture frame. she said...i put a heart on it so you know that I love ya. Melt my heart.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Being a mom has some benefits

Jacob was just stressing about his project that he has to do tomorrow. Pacing and saying how he could have planned his time out better etc. etc. instead of just finishing it up and going to bed. Anyway, Dave was out getting a poster at the store and he was just waiting for him to get back. I said, "Jacob, just go and read your scriptures while he is gone and pray if there is nothing else you need to do until he gets back." So he leaves the room and I continue on the computer. He just came in and gave me a big hug and says thank you. I look at him quizically. He says as he walks out of the room, "scriptures worked, I had some repenting to do." This kid. I think I need to go and read and pray too. I surely have more repenting than him to do. I wish that I followed my own advice more. We just got back from sledding in Flagstaff. More on that tomorrow.

Friday, January 12, 2007

what I liked about today!

1. My PMS is gone (everyone liked that about today)
2. I am caught up on laundry for the first time in a year i think.
3. Clean bathrooms and floors.
4. Finally got the Christmas stuff put away
5. taught jacob how to make pizza.
6. Stayed in my robe until 2pm
7. Hearing my kids say in every prayer how much they love their mom, dad, brother and sisters.
8. Helped a friend.
9. Had a fun visit over the phone with a friend.
10. kids were on time for school.
11. went on a date with my lover
12. the new disney original movie premiered tonight. ha. I haven't watched it yet since i was out but i really am excited to see it after watching the advertising for it for months (push it push it to the limit limit cuz i'm in it to win it) the girls have the dance down to that.
13. I will end with lucky number thirteen. I made it to the gym for the last class at 5pm.

Why we love the hardings to visit


Teresa has so much energy and I put her to work. I had a list of projects I wanted her to help me with. The one I have been dreading the most is organizing my pantry. She made sure we did it and kept saying how much fun it was. What a friend!! She also helped me with adobe photo shop, Roger taught me how to ebay, and I listed my first item. (Anyone interested in Michael Jackson the ultimate collection? ha) Roger is also great entertainment for the kids. He is so much fun. He is the
re animal to ride on, and the best storyteller. Leah was killing us with her funny actions and facial expressions to go along with his story. In this picture she is marching.

Roger, Teresa and kids came down to go to some bowl games. They were at the fiesta bowl, the most amazing college game I have ever seen, and I have seen at least four! ha. They had passes for the parade too. As they were driving into our neighborhood they called us to come out and watch them drive up, they had a surprise. Here they come rounding the corner with balloons hanging out the window and all five of them in the car completely engulfed in balloons. Only they would do that! They are so much fun!! Kelly, do you like the colors of the balloons? (wink)
Teresa is way worse than me in being an extremist. Remember the blog entry last time she came? She went to the store for ice-cream and comes back with 12 gallons. literally. So this time she came prepared to scrapbook and brought so much stuff!! Also, other projects such as the one needing two huge balls of yarn.

Last but not least we played ticket to ride Europe a million times, and pulled out tripoley that Dave's mom gave us for Christmas and it was a hit. Of course there were some mean games of ping pong and pool played. WE LOVE YOU HARDINGS!!!!! THANKS FOR BEING SUCH GREAT FRIENDS!

A new years resolution gone bad

I laugh every time I think of this. And I want you to know that it is embarassing to put this picture on, but it is so dang funny to me.
I have to confess something. I have a serious addiction. I am addicted to staying up late! I love it, but pay so dearly for it the next day. It is so hard for me to get myself in bed at night with so many temptations. A quiet house, a yummy treat, no interruptions. I can do whatever I want. Read a book, talk and laugh on the phone with a sister or friend, lose track of time on the computer doing all sorts of things, watch Law and Order, scrapbook, long showers, work on visiting teaching, and pray. How delightful are all of those things. The thing is, I need to be a happy mom in the morning (ugh mornings). Why is it so painful for me? I did seminary, I got up early for a year and 1/2 on my mission, and it still always took at least an hour to be happy about it. Anyway, here comes a new year, with new resolutions to overcome bad habits. You see I want to be a happy mom in the morning and productive before 11am. So I am resolved to get in bed at 10 and I can read or hang out with Dave (if he is awake ha) until 10:30 or even 11! See it shouldn't be hard. Well, I have had company and having so much fun, and having a hard time unwinding enough to sleep. So I decide I will take a sleeping pill. Dave has told me that they are 1/2 the normal dosage. I had taken one before about 6 months ago and didn't recall it doing anything. so I decide that I will take two. that is so me. When I am cold I can't just turn the heater up a little I have to turn it all the way. Which of course leads to me being too hot and the cycle continues. So anyway, I feel just fine and I am saying goodbye to some other guests that came over to play games and all of the sudden I am a little loopy (more so than normal ha) and I am not too sure on my feet. I don't remember much after that. My friend Teresa takes me up to bed (Dave is already in bed) and has her husband taking pictures. I don't remember that at all. Well, at least I got to bed by 10:30pm. Now I am just having Dave make me get in bed on time to which he commented, "Do you have any goals that don't require me to do something?" I love Dave. What would I do without him? It is scary to think about that one. ha. enjoy a good laugh on me!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

IVES FAMILY UPDATE for the year 2006

We really just spent the year enjoying our location, and new friends in our new home of Surprise, Arizona. Not only do we love it here, but its close proximity to Heather's roots (southern CA) and to family in Utah. We still of course traveled to every state in the west this past summer to enjoy the Ives family reunion in Washington, and to see our missed friends from Oregon. Moving is always a happy/sad experience for us. The biggest adventure for Heather this year has been being Relief Society president. I have loved getting to know and love the sisters in our ward better as well as my Heavenly Father, and Savior. Dave has made the BIG decision to stay in the military for career, and signed on an additional 4 years that will take him to retirement. He decided that he likes the diversity he experiences, and the flexibility. He has enjoyed being the flight group commander and helping out all he is over. He really cares about helping people and not having to just look at his computer screen reading films all day (although suspiciously he does alot of that at home hmmmm.) Also, he is able to coach all of Jacob's sports teams and come home for lunch, and be with family more. The icing on the cake is the travel and incredible experiences we have through the military (we can't wait for Europe). For all these benefits we settle for a much smaller pay check, but totally worth it to us. Besides enjoying living all of life's experiences with our kids, Dave and I continue to sneak in lots of hobbies. And we love to get away (just the two of us) and travel to beautiful places. Below is a little bio and picture of each of the kids. Just click on the pictures if you would like to see them larger. If you like, you are welcome to scroll on down and see more in depth coverage of the Ives family happenings since I sarted this online journal in April. Just click on the monthly archives. I started out just using this to talk to my siblings and Dad, but have recently included friends. You're welcome to keep coming back for updates, and let us know what is going on with you too!!!! You can post comments or start your own blog for free at Blogger. com. It is really fun. You should give it a try. Let us know if you do.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Lizzie at 5 is still holding onto the baby of the family title. She loves it, and so do all of us. She is such a little thing, and we love to baby her. Of course she isn't spoiled at all. smile. She is in kindergarten and loves it. She loves to sit in back and hang out with the teacher's aid

making funny remarks. She is totally confident, and worries about nothing. Including if she knows all of her alkabet (as she calls it). She goes about life quite content in the knowledge that she is the cutest thing on earth. I don't where she would get such an idea? She loves to dress up in ballet costumes and dance her heart out. She really loves Jesus and says she misses him all the time. Her prayers are so sweet and heart felt. She never forgets to say how much she loves her Mom, Dad, sisters, and brother. She really loves her red blankie, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, swimming, watching movies, playing memory, and reading books too. She is so yummy and we love her!


Leah turned 6 in September and started first grade. She is a happy go lucky little soul. In her own little world of happiness, she sometimes seems to be oblivious to the catastrophes she leaves in her wake. She is spunky and lately always seems to have on some funny expression with a saying to go with it. She definitely makes us laugh. We love her crazy curls, and her quirky little personality. She enjoys swimming, tap and ballet, riding her bike, and watching movies that have kissing in them. She loves to be upside down, and spends her "time outs" on her head. Such a nut. She really is into food lately, and would eat non stop if we let her. She got a violin for Christmas and is really excited for mom to teach her (right after I teach Rachel to sew right?). We are so happy to have Leah in our family.


Rebecca turned 8 this year and was baptized in Utah with her cousin. It was a very happy day for her. She is in the third grade this year. Rebecca likes to take care of things. She is the happiest I have ever seen since she got a nintendo ds for Christmas with nintendogs. Its the first thing she does in the morning feeds and cares for her virtual dogs. She loves them all so much. She spends so much time training, bathing, teaching them tricks, walking, and playing with them. She is the biggest animal lover I have ever seen. Hopefully she will give up now trying to make sure all of her sisters do every thing she says, and focus on the dogs. She just couldn't handle the stress (nor could we) of them not minding her. She will be such a wonderful mother. Her love and concern are overflowing. Sometimes painfully so. She really needs her Mom all the time, and is often found next to my bed in the morning. She is really fun to hug and cozy with. She really enjoys swimming and diving, and practiced all summer. She takes ballet and jazz, and her teacher says she is a natural. She mostly just loves to be loved though. That's my Rebecca Mary.


Jacob turned 12 in August which was very exciting in that he received the aaronic priesthood. He was very excited to "finally have a calling" as he put it. He goes to visit families with Dave, collects fast offerings, and passes the sacrament. He really tries to be the best he can. We are very proud of him. He (usually) is very kind to his sisters and is a cheerful helper. He is a very conscientious student (I should say nervous). The last test he took he thought for sure he failed and wouldn't even look at the results when the teacher handed it to him. When I asked how he did on his test, he just handed it to me upside down (he still hadn't looked at it). I turn it over and it says 104%. He is the biggest worry wart about everything. But we will say conscientious. His favorite subject in school is History and civics. He made the basketball team (which he was sure he wouldn't), and was a starter as point gaurd. He loves that game, but is starting to like football even more. He goes to play with the men in the ward every Saturday morning with Dave. Lets just say they don't play easy on him anymore. Jacob's other concerns include; will he ever get taller, will his teeth grow in, will he be able to get rid of his belly, etc. For all his concerns though, he is the most confident kid and enjoys making people laugh. He works to keep us all happy, and we love him for it!


Rachel turned eleven in November. She is becoming quite the preteen. She is smart, creative, and a big help to her
mom. She really loves to dress in her own unique way and stand out from the crowd. She dreams of being Clara in the Nutcracker for ballet. Wants mom to teach her how to sew with the sewing machine she got last christmas (where does time go?). Loves to cozy up in bed and read, and is becoming quite the writer. Her teacher at school said she has never seen a student so self motivated. I wish I had her energy. She also is really enjoying the hip hop class she started this year. I can't believe how this girl can move. She loves her family, and is such a big help. She especially likes to spend time with Mom (yeah me!) We love Rachel and the beautiful young woman she has become!


Questo messagio e solo per la mia Nunzia. Quanto mi manca. Mai saro dementicarti. Tu sei la mia prima amore. Solamente oggi ti ho scrivito una lettera, la reciverai in un giorno o due. Non voglio sentirti dire que non ti voglio bene. Il mio esposito, e tanti bambini vogliono tutto il mio tiempo ma conosci que in il mio cuore vuole stare con te parlando tutto il giorno e notte. Tu sei la piu bella della mia vita! Non mi lascia! La tua Sorella

click on picture to enlarge and get a good laugh!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


These pictures never fail to get a good laugh out of me! This is our absolutely favorite thing to do at Disneyland. Right where you come out of Star Tours there is this photo place. This last time we went we spent about an hour doing every combination and laughing and laughing. I wish we could have bought them all, but of course they are ridiculously overpriced. The one of Lizzie as Darth Maul (spelling?) was especially funny. PS It's not Rebecca's fault that she has chisled abs and stunning features