Tuesday, August 29, 2006

glor and mikey

I love these pictures. The one in the bottom corner they are walking away from each other going to their separate cars they brought. How cool with the sunset in the background. The one on the right the monunment of Joseph and Hyrum smith in the sunset overlooking the river. gorgeous. Gloria and Mikey's love. Priceless!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

the big day

Can you tell where Dave and Jacob are going the morning of his birthday? Golf and red robin, Jacob's two favorites. Today jacob received the priesthood. It was so beautiful. all th
e deacons, bishop bric and young men leaders crammed in the bishop's office. Dave gave such a beautiful blessing. The spirit was so strong in the room. Jacob was counseled to live worthy to have the Holy Ghost to guide him. To have a close relationship with the Lord and to serve others as the Savior did. I really wish I could have word to word what he said. Dave speaks so eloquently, but what is really beautiful is the spirit that is felt. The whole room was glowing after it seemed with all these clean young men. I could really feel their integrity and strength. Inspiring.

surprise party

At the last minute we got some people together to surprise Jacob. They had so much fun and swam until after 10 pm. We had competitions. Played murder or wink in the hot tub. Had strawberry cake. It was the most fun just to see the interactions between the boys and girls.
so cute.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


the best part of our trip to Kuaia was the helicopter tour we went on. It was so spectacular. I have never experienced anything like it. It was worth getting airsick for. ha.
School has been in two weeks tomorrow. i can't believe it. I haven't even really ventured out of the house. I hate to leave, I am so cozy here. Today I actually got out my violin and practiced. It felt good. I did miss my babies today though. I allllmost left on pbs on tv, but it made me feel sad. Back to violin, I am working on an incredible (if played right) piano and violin arrangement of a poor wayfaring man of grief. It is so beautiful. I am so out of practice I couldn't play long because my fingertips and arm hurt. Pitiful. Jacob had his interview with the Bishop last night to receive the priesthood. He was so cute in his suit, and scared he would flunk. He is so funny. He came out glowing and so excited. He can't wait to pass the sacrament and be a hometeacher with Dave. He said, "Yes, I will have a calling." He was so excited I suggested we go and get a treat together. We went through the drive through at mcdonalds and gots shakes and fries and just sat in the parking lot and talked. How awesome to be a Mom. I love the ages of my kids. Tonight, I hung out one on one with Rebecca. She read scriptures to me and told me all about her day. She is happiest when she gets alone time with mom. She tells me i am her best friend. They are all so happy, which makes me so happy. Dave I think is bummed that he can't be semi-retired like me. ha ha. Hang out and be alone at home. I said don't you get a sense of fulfillment for a job well done etc. etc. He calmly replied, no. He is so funny. So he needs one on one tomorrow night. ha ha. I said I know you like movies and eating, so we are going to go and see invincible, and try somewhere new. All of my kids but Jacob have a party to go to tomorrow night. My one friend is having a CHeetah girls II party and invited all the girls. So cute and fun. Well, off to bed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dr. Dave

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dave. Some may disagree, but I love that I can bring out the silly side in him (isn't this a Reneer thing to do). He would be wayyyyy too serious without me. this is in the Hotel lobby where his graduation from his radiology residency took place. I love that he isn't a skinny young guy anymore. HE's a MAN. ha. I am so proud of him. He is so constant and good. My stabalizer. I get him to loosen up and he gets me to shape up. smile. He has been working really hard lately. I appreciate all he does for us. He really is the most considerate husband and the best example for our children. He is so hard on himself. Doesn't think he is doing things as good as he should ie work, dad, husband (ok so maybe to much as a husband ha), calling. When I know that Heavenly Father loves him so much for his strength of character and the good choices that he has made consistently for his whole life. He truly honors his priesthood. Can't he see that so many look to him like they do the north star. He is that constant. OK so he could play that computer game a little less, but I guess he deserves a little down time. ha ha. At work he is the boss of his squadron and in the military you are their DAd in that position. He is always counseling with some young airman. He really takes it seriously. He truly cares about people's lives. I love you Dave. I am sooooo soooo lucky to have you! We always have single Moms over for dinner, and He is so kind to them and their children. You can see how they are grateful for his help and seek his advice. It makes me realize even more how blessed I am to have found such a righteous and upright man. Those are almost laughable words in our society. No one even is trying to fit that description. Like Justin Timberlake's new song and album with the theme of "I'm bringing sexy back" oh please. Do we need more sex in our society. I don't think so, or more men obsessed with it? Anyway, I just want to give DAVE a big THANK YOU!!! I think you are the best!!! your adoring wife, heather

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

oh dear

Again, Dave's family reunion. I don't even need to jump off a dock. It makes me happy just watching my kids do it. I guess that's why they look better in a bathing suit than me. ha

Sunday, August 20, 2006


i love this picture!

Friday, August 18, 2006

the sorrento

absolutely love it.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i love girls

i love being a girl. I love that I have girls. I love that my girls love being girly too.

Dancing Queen Rebecca

One of my favorite things growing up was making up dances with Glor and my friends. I relive it all again when I see my girls and their cousins doing the same thing. So so awesomeeeee

Lizzie just because i love it.

feel the rain on your face. no one else can feel it for you....release your inhibitionssssss!

my new van

I love it! Still haven't taken one of the Sorrento which I love too. Doesn't Rebecca make a good Vannah?


They are so loving that they have braces. Like they are so old now. It is so cute.

5th grade

Can anyone say teenager?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ok so alot has happened. We traded in our cars last night and got two new ones and Rachel and jacob got braces today. Pictures to come. Jacob came home so happy today. Told me all casual in the car how when he gets bored he gets funny. I asked, oh are you getting to be known as the class clown. he responded that he doesn't like to be referred to as a clown, but a comedian for his wit. he was quite pleased that he got everyone laughing. He has informed me that he likes girls now. There are only six boys in his whole class. He is pretty excited for a school dance. He said last year he wouldn't have wanted to go but this year he thinks it would be fun. ha. His favorite is that he starts the day with pe. They wear p.e. clothes and they played dodgeball. the best day of school ever for him probably. ha.
Ok I have serious problems with staying up too late. What is my deal. Then I get all mad at myself. and I'm not even doing anything productive-watching law and order and eating chocolate cake. My pms seems to last way too long lately. well, off to bed. tomorrow i will set new goals. Dave was supposed to make me come to bed. its all his fault. ha ha

Ives family reunion

Bet you never thought that Dave would do this. ha. This is a skit that his family did when they were young. Dave played the cow in the skit. How do you like the reenactment of it?

portland temple

two girls I love.

crazy cate

here's for you Kel. that's a girls with no inhibition. Letting it all loose. Feeling life to the fullest. maybe she will do Kellet when she gets older.

Monday, August 14, 2006

night before school

Rachel doing her usual job- unloading the dishwasher. She was so excited and doing everything for everybody. She did Lizzie's hair like this. It was so cute this morning in ringlets. Although I didn't appreciate her waking everyone up at 6am.

first day of kindergarten

As you can see Lizzie was really nervous this morning to be at school. She felt totally uncomfortable and wanted to just stay home with MOmmy (NOT!)

first day of school

All of my babies are gone!!!! I am just sitting in my quiet messy house by myself. So wierd. Lizzie didn't have one problem saying goodbye. She was so excited. I came downstairs this morning and the kids wanted to show me this. They said, "look Mom we are all just an inch taller than each other. they are all so cute and wonderful. They still drive me crazy sometimes. Anyway, i am off to clean the house and then go to a yoga class. Then organize what I need to do for R.S. and scrapbooky maybe.

Friday, August 11, 2006

corners of my home

So Rachel..while I ran errands this morning she was babysitting. She made this "cozy kid corner"-that's what it says on the sign she majorly taped on. So fun and creative this one. The Barbie corner is what my girls have been doing for the past two weeks. We have four big house things and they each pick one. Every corner of the room looks like this one. How fun. Do you remember that Glor taking turns picking everything. That is what they do. I love it. I let them do it whenever because I hated bugging mom to make the mess. I don't even make them clean it up right after so they can play everyday. Aren't I a good MOm. ha ha

photo shoot

Lizzie wanted me to take her picture. This one was one of my favorites.

the cuteness

I thought i was so creative sewing that border. that is a fuzzy rubon too. fun fun.

my attempt at Heidi swapp

Do you like it?

I love this layout

I still need to add the journaling in the bottom corner. I love it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

if you turn your neck to look at the next four pictures you will be doing a nice neck stretch and should be toally relaxed by the end. A little yoga session for you. ha.

Beloved KMart

I so remember having this picture taken. It wasn't planned at all. We were just in KMart and I think Kenny and I wanted to do it when we passed by and it was only a couple of dollars. I love it becasue we look like how we did every day. Kenny wearing his favorite Fonzie shirt that he wore every day (don't touch the leather, his favorite phrase for years). He looks just like Dallen here. Look at the difference between my bug eyes and his. too funny. Jacob totally has my eyes. Mom look likes she is wearing no make-up and is still so hot! I remember wandering KMart like my kids will remember Target. ha.

After all that we've been through...still hangin in there together

Ok so I am too lazy to take the time to figure out how to turn these. Just turn your head for a minute. It's a good stretch. Ha. Don't you love the Holly Hobby wallpaper. Remember how busted I got peeling it off as I lay in bed. I can't get too mad at Rachel right? We haven't changed that much. Kenny is still flexing his muscles to us all the time. Look how skinny my arms are though. ha ha. I guess there still isn't any muscle tone. You can see the shape of Cate's eyes are Kelly's. Glor remember those yellow feety pajamas you are wearing. Brett looking pretty groovy. Go Mike Brady! WE are only missing our little co co.

See Kelly I even taught you yoga first. ha ha.


We were doing yoga and we didn't even know it. Heather, Kelly and Kenny 1980 I am guessing. Love you guys!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

handsome devil

Jacob really is starting to change. I have him on a regimen of 100 push-ups and 100 sit ups and laps in the pool everyday. He cares about the tire around the middle now in his funny humor way. He is starting to light up around girls. don't worry, I am still his favorite. I know, I know, that IS what you are worried about. ha. A guy in our ward said today how they did in their extended family a boys camp. Dad's and cousins 8 years old and up and camped and worked on scout stuff and faith in God. I am sure they did alot of other fun stuff too. I thought that would be cool. Dave would probably want to hold it in Africa. ha. Dad where are all of your snappy comments. I haven't heard from you in awhile either. Wassup? Do you guys like how I blog ten things at a time. Relief Society is keeping me pretty busy. I never wanted to be this humble all the time. I feel like I can never be naughty. It is painful. Ha Ha. School is starting next week. All five in the same school. I am going to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! that means do the laundry without having to stop and play my little pony memory game in the middle and make oatmeal and toast etc. etc. I joined a gym this past week that I am loving too. I feel so much better I can't believe it. Julie, I even did a belly dancing fitness class (cardio shimmy) it was so fun. It made me miss you. How are you? Love to all. Heathie

the good ol' days

I think Dave and I are going to say goodbye to the motorcycle and all our leather duds. We just don't use it very much. Ususally it is too hot. Too many other toys. But hey, we looked like a hot biker couple for awhile. ha

Montagna De Oro

Can you believe we had a clear, sunny, beautiful day at Montagna De Oro. Definitely rare to not have any fog. It was so beautiful and relaxing. So many beautiful rocks and shells to find on the beach.

Pismo beach

the girls with Aunt Marlene. She was so sweet with them. Being with her is so familiar to being with and talking with Mom, and that is a good thing. She made us feel so welcome and good. Thanks Mar.

Jacob's views

Jacob wanted to write with this picture. "If you have to live life, you might as well do it comfortably." He was letting the waterfall massage his back.


why is Grandma Crepps soooo cozy. I just look at this picture and get yummy feelings. I want to snuggle up and watch law and order with her (which is what we did everynight together when I visited). I just love Grandma. I need to be more like her. Everyone always wants to be with her. Than again. I don't always want to be around everyone else. ha ha.




Saturday, August 05, 2006


Nicole our neighbor spent all afternoon training Rachel and Rebecca to do the perfect backdive. They look pretty darn good if you ask me. Jacob was Leah's coach and a slavedriver. I won't let him coach me at anything, he was mean. Ha. But Leah my flexed foot friend was doing perfect beautiful dives...even off the waterfall. Jacob was quite proud. I was totally amazed!! You go girls. Dumb blogger won't let me put more than one picture on at a time so I will put the others above.


Lizzie was blissfully happy to be back in oregon. That was the only home that she knew till she was four. When we were at church she turned to me and said she was sooooo happy. being with her friends that she spent almost everyday with and in their backyard was a joyful thing for her.
I wish my skin looked like hers again. ha

difference between men and women

Don't you just want to walk down to the sand. It looks so inviting. I could go and sit there just relaxing and meditating for hours. this was right in front of the resort we stayed at in Kuaia. Of course Dave would rather shoot himself in the foot. He preferred to sit in the hotel room with his computer and watch a basketball game instead of being romantic and watching the sunset. But I am not bitter about it at all. ha ha.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

hot stuff

When we were in Oregon visiting. The girls spent the night at Lisa Carr's house. They borrowed Anna and Sarah's bathing suits and they really thought they were the bomb wearing two pieces which they aren't allowed to. Lizzie who is almost five is so tiny she was wearing their one year old's bikini.

so sweet

Leah and lizzie with friend Devon. Notice my new leather chair/recliner in back. love it

summer lovin'

Just because I love this picture!


the world is an interesting place my young lad.

my new nephew

My new nephew Alex. Dave's sister Denise adopted him. I love the contrast in his skin to Leah's. So different but equally beautiful. Isn't he precious? He has a sweet disposition to match his sweet face.