Saturday, April 28, 2007

Quote of the day

Jacob's favorite thing is for me to come and talk with him at night in his room. He completely opens up and tells me everything. He is so funny too. Tonight I come in and ask what they did while we were gone at the temple. He said that they watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and then proceeds to tell me how while he was watching he was overcome with the coziness of the house on the island of the misfit toys. How they had been traveling all day and than were so cozy in their little house with one bed. It makes me laugh again now even thinking of it. He is such a RENEER. Another thing that was cracking me up was he was telling me how when his friend came over and spent the night ==well first let me explain about this friend. He is 13 and 6 feet tall, eighth grade and such a great kid. Everyone likes him and he is totally into doing what is right, like Jacob. He and Jacob are always trying to help other kids who are struggling coming to church etc. anyway jacob said when he spent the night as they were going to sleep Jacob had his headphones on listening to scripture scouts, and his friend comes up and says can I listen too? and they both lay ed on the bed each with one earphone. I was cracking up. Here they are these big boys, but are so pure in heart. Jacob said they just have a gentle side. and are real men who aren't afraid to share their true feelings with the world around them. Ok back to the rudolph movie. One more funny comment jacob made was how the Santa is so mean in it. Watch it again you will see. Anyway, he is telling about how Santa came in and listened to the elves singing and had his face in his hands and commenting how bad it was. jacob's reply was, "I thought they sounded good." That's my boy. The funny thing is, I thought the same thing when I watched it. We really are two peas in a pod. Anyway, those are the two quotes for the day.

One last thing that is cool. As we were driving in the car today taking girls home. We had four spend the night last night. Yikes eight girls all hanging out. It was fun. Anyway, I look on the floor and their are school papers (big surprise ha). I see one that says there are auditions for a lion king musical, and the last try out date was in about 1o minutes. I couldn't believe it. It was close by. That is the hardest thing about living in a new area and not in the main city there isn't a children's theatre etc. Anyway, when we got home Dave said he would take Rachel and her friend to try out. IT ended up being a really cool experience. She had to read a part, dance, and sing for them. They loved her!!! they want her to be one of the main parts. We will see. What a fun opportunity for her! And most importantly, it is close by. I really am in the car way too much, and that is with carefully planned schedule and everything close by. Well, I have been rambling away. One last crazy thing. As we are driving to the temple the kids call and say that a huge wind storm came up and blew our ramada over the fence into the neighbors yard and even broke down a little of the wall. Crazy! We were so glad that no one was injured. Cheri our neighbor actually was in the backyard at the grill at the time and it came really close to hitting her. It really shook her up. Scary. Anyway, that's the latest. I can't have an entry without a picture so I will put one on of Rebecca's crazy hair day. She had it all up really cute for their fashion show the girls did. I need to do a blog entry on that. So cute. Anyway, this is what it looked like when she took it out. Too funny! Goodnight! I had cafe rio tonight and I am stuffed. But oh that pork barbacoa. yummmeee.

Friday, April 27, 2007

My New Niece Sophia

This picture makes me so happy. You have to understand that my brother Kenny LOOOOVVVVE

EESSS Babies. He absolutely cannot resist. This is the tough guy that snuck baby ducklings into his room when he was in highschool. I was with him when he had to take them to the local park to set them free at the pond because we were moving to Tahoe. It was hard for him. He loves to have something to cozy with. Well, here she is. Something truly scrumptious to cuddle all day and soak up all her yumminess. Ooh I wish I could smell her and nuzzle her to my neck. And this one Kenny you don't have to ever set free... ok well maybe when she is 18 you'll have to let her go, but she'll come back and visit. She looks so much like my brother when he was a baby. chubby cheeks, squinty eyes, same nose, so cute. I'll put a picture of him below as a child and you'll see what I mean. This is my little brother who I did everything with. We were like two little bear cubs wrestling and playing all day. I am so happy for him. He finally has what he always wanted. A cozy little family. Him and his three girlies. LOve you Kenny, Leticia, Kels, and Sophia!!!
I love this picture. I remember when we took it. The three of us were at Kmart together and we were walking by the photo studio and I begged my Mom to let us do a pictureand It was some ridiculous cheap price so she said yes. I love it because we didn't get dressed up for it. This is just what we happened to be wearing. Kenny wore this Fonzie shirt like every day. He rotated between this and a football jersey (we called it his number shirt). Look how cute my mom is. I can't decide if my sister Kelly, or Nicole looks most like her. Which of my kids do you think looks most like me? Can you see why they called me bug eyes when I was little? Do you see what I mean by kenny's chubby cheeks, squinty eyes? My sister's son Dallen looks so much like him it is weird. anyway. Just sharin the Joy!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everything I Think I'm Missing

My yoga teacher Kelly, that I love, read this poem during shavasana. It intrigued me and I asked for a copy. I don't know who wrote it.

Everything I Think I'm Missing
I am struggling. There's who I
believe I ought to be, and who
I really am. It's humbling, isn't
it? This being, this mystery, this
me sits here radiating energy, yet
I'm gripped by a nameless fear
that I'm missing exactly what
I came here to experience.
I am suffering, telling myself
stories of what life should look
like. And then I get the message
like a meteor, like the power
coming back on after hours
in a storm.
This life, this extraordinary
imperfection, this moment
just as it is, this is all I'm
here to receive. The infuriating,
limitless simplicity of day-to-
day living holds everything
I think I'm missing.
These thoughts remind me of Dave. His frustration with his limits in life. He is so dang smart and could do anything and wants to do everything. He feels like life is over for him, he has done all he can do. When I see this picture of him with Lizzie it feels like the end of the poem. His figuring out the answer. He is holding all he thinks he is missing.
What are your thoughts on the poem?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New post down below

I didn't know how to change the date on my draft and put it up here so you will just have to skip my last post to read the new one. sorry. smile

Monday, April 23, 2007

What's on my heart

the reason I haven't blogged in awhile is i haven't been able to quite put into words all of my feelings about everything going on. So much is swimming in my head and heart. Foremost is my brother in law Tyler. My youngest sister's husband of one year. My sister Kelly has written about it more eloquently than I could so go to her blog and read the last few entries (starting with "what I do when I am scared"). This life is an interesting thing. Whenever I get cynical and think it is all over, so much bad is happening, something always restores my faith and hope. Like seeing how people have come together to help Tyler. His competitors seeing his situation and jumping in and doing his work for him. Tyler bawled when he heard that. Anyway. Go read. I love my family, I love that I am a member of a church that teaches it's people to love and serve every day. So refreshing in our self indulgent, pleasure seeking, it's all about me society. (dang, there goes my cynical side again). I really am trying to repent of that. Ha.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mesa Cannery

Last week I went to help at the cannery. I love going there despite the drive (and it is work) because I feel the spirit really strong there. I was surprised by that the first time that I went. There are certain places that I really feel the spirit strongly when I am just there like the temple and the missionary training center. I wouldn't have thought that I could add the cannery to it. But it makes sense. The Lord's work is done there 24-7. I also love how there are quotes all over the walls from prophets through the years. I posted a couple. Click and enlarge the one below so you can read it. I just love my church. I must say that 10 times a day. As the president of our womens service group (the relief society) I am continually inspired and amazed at the love and compassion I see given every day by my fellow sisters. Anyway, back to the cannery. I started out doing dry pack. Filling cans with wheat and sealing them etc. They needed some people to go over and help in wet pack so I went over there. I had never done that before. We were doing catsup. I felt like Laverne and Shirley (minus the beer-ha ha). It was fun.

I love this man. He and his wife are full time missionaries at the cannery. They could be out on the golf course and relaxing in their retirement but instead they are serving for free in the cannery everyday. Every time I have gone he has been there instructing us. Here he is reading a scripture before we start.

Here is my post in this chair down below. I told you it looks like Laverne and shirley. I had to make sure the bottles had the catsup up to the top before they went through that sealing machine.

Here we are taking back what our ward has ordered. I love these women. Toni Gardner on the left organizing all the orders and goes every month. She is totally reliable and dependable. She is really shy at first, but so talkative and fun when you get to know her and she would do anything for you. Julie Klippel is on the right. I love how she is soft spoken, and gentle, and always quietly doing what is right and good. It is so funny to see her with her 3 little boys all wild and crazy and she is this quiet little thing. Tiffani Nally is in the car pulling the trailer. All of these people take off work, make arrangements for their kids, give of their time. No one pays for their gas or work. It is out of love for their Savior. I love that, and I love them for it. I should start spotlighting all the women in our ward. I love them all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing in the Rain!

RAchel is totally into dancing in the rain (yes it does rain occasionally here). This was a couple weeks ago, I was just too lazy to upload this many pictures on one post. She is doing lyrical now and is really loving it. She is also taking jazz, ballet, and hip hop. So we get some pretty funny combinations. I love her robot wave pretty interesting. ha. She is so much fun. I wasn't saying that 8 years ago. I told all of you she didn't need to see a psychiatrist and all that creativity could be put to good use. ha ha. So proud of you Rachie!

Monday, April 09, 2007

TAHOE & Sisters (minus cole-frown)

Haven't posted a scrapbook layout in awhile. This is one I did the other day after probably 6 months of not scrapbooking. Picked one of my favorite memories and why. Do you have any memories you want to add?

Easter Sunday

What a beautiful Easter sunday. Everything felt clean and new. Church was wonderful. I know that all who attended felt the truth in all it's simplicity that Jesus truly is our Savior. He lived and died for us and was ressurected. What a precious gift to know something is true without doubt. I thought this quote by the prophet Spencer W. Kimball was so powerful. "He has given the key. You may know. You need not be in doubt... The necessary procedure is: study, think, pray, and do. Revelation is the key. God will make it known to you once you have capitulated and have become humble and receptive. Having dropped all pride of your mental stature, having acknowledged before God your confusion, having subjected your egotism, and having surrendered yourself to the teaching of the Holy spirit, you are ready to begin to learn." I love that. Here are some other things that have brought me happiness this easter (smile). I bought my favorite spring flower, hydrangeas in pink (in the background).

Love this little bunny. 3.99 at target. what a deal. As were my little birdie salt and pepper shakers.

The Walkers brought this sweet gift with them and i love it. I was very eggcited (ha ha) about my new egg place card holders and colorful napkins (a Frys puchase at 10:30 pm easter eve, nothing like last minute planning). The cake in the background was made for us by a couple in our ward that our family helped in weeding their yard yesterday. This was seriously one of my favorite family experiences of all time. To see all of my kids with their bags, screwdrivers and gloves weeding away, all of us working together brought such joy to my heart. When this sweet friend of ours presented the cake to my kids as her thank you and with tears expressed her gratitude my kids were so touched. They all embraced her, a big group hug. Definitely the best Easter experience. We gave up doing the community Easter egg hunt to do it, and there were no complaints from anyone. Definitely a tradition to carry on.

Last but not least. We had over 4 of the 8 walker kids. Their hardworking, incredible single mom had to work. We really enjoyed having them, and getting to know them better. They are so much fun! Look at how small Rachel looks next to Jeremy who is only 13. Cracks me up. So borrowing Mrs. Bennet's words, "God has been very good to us." and that is the truth!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Yah, that's all five of them. It will be real fun trying to get off all the dye from their fingers for church tomorrow. I got a new camera the nikon d80 which has 10.2 megapixels. I am really impressed with it. It is sheer JOY to use. Oh the beauty of technology. Can't wait to do a photo shoot with it. As usual I am up at a ridiculous hour doing my motherly duties of preparing for the big day tomorrow. You should have seen Walmart tonight (alot of you probably did). It was such a total zoo, and so dirty and trashed. Then the lines were out of control, so I just left my couple of things and went to Frys. So funny to see all the other moms out doing the same thing. Well, I did pretty good on my assignment to laugh. Dave and I went out with some new friends to dinner. come to find out the husband likes to dare people to do things for money for a laugh. Namely his wife. He kept trying to get her to do things. I said, hey I'll do something. He said, "I'll give you twenty bucks to lick the bowl clean 0f the "thunder down under" dessert from outback." I've never made such an easy twenty. They laughed and laughed. I had chocolate fudge all over my face. It was delicious too. So ok the laugh was on me, but it still felt good to be my crazy self. WE are DEFINITELY going out with them again. That payed for half out dinner! Ha. He said he'll have to stop at the atm before we go out next time and have a list for me. of course a joke. Can you guess who it was my local friends?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Laughter-the cheapest medicine

Why is it so easy for kids to laugh and have fun? Oh yah... it's because they don't worry too much about the whole responsibility thing. I was known for my laughter all growing up. My church leaders called me giggles. I used to have to take about 10 pairs of underwear to a slumber party because I would laugh so hard the whole night and wet my pants a ridiculous amount of times (hopefully not more than 10). I have spent my whole life trying to not laugh too much. I was always worried about that scripture that talks about excess of laughter. I am always worried that I am too light minded. I love love love to laugh. So what is wrong with me lately? Nothing seems funny. The sitcoms are all crude, dirty bedrooms certainly don't make me want to smile and there is alot of that around here lately. I feel like I am running in circles trying to get everything done, and if I do decide to relax I feel guilty and nothing gets down. So where can I drum up some laughter? I think I am pulling myself away from people too much. Spending time with the people that I love makes me happy. I am worrying too much about getting things done, getting people places at the right time and not so much enjoying the people in my life. It is a hard balance. I can't throw off all responsibility. Then Dave is the only parent and I am one of the naughty kids (hee hee). I hope my joy isn't supposed to just be in watching my kids laugh now? All of my rambling tonight means two things. I need to go to bed and i am probably PMS-ing. I am sure my laughing will be in full swing again in a few days. OK three things, I also need to study my scriptures. I need to refill my bucket. Tomorrow I am going to enjoy my kids and laugh and laugh. Don't worry, I take pills now for the wetting my pants thing. ha

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ever the Baby

this is my baby (Lizzie). Ok so she is five now, but still the baby. She has truly mastered the art of being the youngest. She can turn on that baby innocence in a heartbeat. She will let you just snuggle her for as long as you want and eat up all her yumminess. I could kiss on her for hours. Although we aren't letting her do the baby walk and talk anymore, the big wide eyed sweet face still does the trick. Even the other kids love to baby her and carry her around. She is still just a petite little thing, and we love her.


It has always been my dream to have a large family and all of them play an instrument that would form a string quartet. We could all play together on Sunday evenings, enjoying the sweet harmonies. While the sound eminating from the scenes of this picture weren't exactly what I had in mind, the sight of it still warms my heart and makes me want my children to call me Marmee. So, the dream is still in the process, but it's a start. My friend (thanks Kendra) informed me of an incredibly inexpensive online instrument store. I was able to finally afford to buy a cello, viola, and violins in all sizes for my little ones. And by the way they are the cutest little things you have ever seen, and they sound pretty good. This way too, I can let the kids play and play without worrying that they will break an expensive instrument. the website is so if you are like me and have always wanted to learn to play the cello (ooooh I love its rich deep sound) check it out. I also have decided to always be teaching violin to one student a month. I would like to teach an adult during the day, so it doesn't conflict with my kids need to have my 100% attention the moment they get home from school. So if you are interested, let me know.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rolfe family photo shoot

Look at this smokin hot couple. To see their 4 adorable kids also, check out my photography website If I can decide which ones I like the best. decisions decisions.