Monday, July 31, 2006

the little graduate!

Leah at her kindergarten graduation. My quirky little girl.

DATE Night

STill CRAZY After ALl these YeaRs.


The girls begging me as I do the dishes to go swimming!!

oh those summer days

this was actually Jacob's end of the year pool party. Oh I love my backyard.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jacob's updo

Jacob got his hair done too at Nicole's salon(smile) Isn't he so handsome. I tried to get Dave to do something. A guy in the waiting room said why not go for the full body wax. Dave declined.

reading the news

this cracks me up. A trip to walmart to get dinner. Austin pushing the cart and Kelly's Dr. P. The two stragglers are Kelly and Nicole reading their newspapers ie US and People. Ha.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


jacob loves to do this impression of ben stiller on zoolander doing his merman commercial. what a nut.

the two crazies

they think they are so funny and cute. I guess they are.

The underwear girls!!

these two get a little too crazy together. Lizzie says that how about we write "Let's be crazy Yahya" and I love you cake.


How can poops say goodbye to his beloved 1233 country club drive?

So typical!

This is one thing that rebecca loves about tahoe and grandpa's. KITTIES!

Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe

One of my most favorite places on earth!!! Ask my is really hard to get me to leave once I am here. On this day it was only a thunderstorm that made me go home. It is so beautiful, I never tire of looking at the clear water, blue sky and high peaks.

Don't be a fool, you gotta be cool!

I see your little boy face so clearly in this picture. You have such a soft underbelly. Don't ever cover that up too much. that's what makes you loveable. I am so glad that you have been opening yourself up to us more lately. That tells me that you know that we love you and think you are wonderful. love, heathie

we miss you grandma!

As we left Tahoe for utah, we drove past where mom is buried. Such a beautiful and peaceful place. A good reminder that you are in a place that is also beautiful and where you are at peace. We miss your humor and your unconditional love for us. Tahoe will always be a special place that reminds us of spending time with you. Someday we will bring our kids and take them to the Lake Tahoe museum (buzeum) and show them the cabin with Grandpa's blanket in it and have a good laugh remember the funny character you are. We will always miss you. Love always, Jacob, Rachel, Rebecca, Leah, and Lizzie.

Evynn is here!

What a joy a new baby is! Bringing Heaven to earth they remind us of what is most important. Evynn you couldn't be more precious and beautiful. Is there another one like you up there for me?

what a beauty.

this little girl is something else. Turning eight and looking so grown up. she has a heart of gold. She loves animals like no other. She radiates a confidence in the knowledge that there is so much good in this world still there. she is filled with life and wants to talk about every little part of it. She will love you until you can't take it any more. She has so much to give and offer. We are blessed to have her.

It's never too young to start pampering ourselves!

For Rebecca's birthday Kelly gave her a pedicure and manicure. Look at this set up. Water and a pottery barn kids catalog. Talk about Heaven. What a fun aunt!

Rebecca's birthday party at seven peaks!!

Good Times, Good times.. this was such a fun day- but we all payed for it with sunburns!

Kelsie's cousins boot camp!

Work it girls. Run up and down the stairs. Do situps, pushups and more. Drink water and it is healthy for you. Leah told me yesterday that Kelsie told her that water doesn't have any galories (not a misprint) You go girls!!

Cate's Devotion!

does this melt your heart?

What a SPECIAL Day!!

Brett baptizing Wes and Dave baptizing Rebecca. Their faces look how our faces should always look. Full of the spirit and love for our Savior, his wonderful gift of the priesthood and the wonderful gift of children and eternal families!


Could there be a happier feeling than this?

My little baby mary is baptized!

Who will be Small SEnsations next cover model?

Will it be Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jane Ives?


Leah Nicole Ives?


Will it be Rebecca Mary?

My BEEEAUtiful Gurls!!!

Rachel, Rebecca, Leah, and Lizzie with their updos from EVANS!

so proud of you cole

We visited Nicole at cosmotology school in Rexburg. It was so much fun! I couldn't help but think. Mom would be so happy for you and think you are so cute. The girls had the time of their lives being pampered. I have to add the picture of Lizzie getting her little hands massaged. It is so cute! My favorite laugh from the day is Nicole doing a facial on me and suction cupping my ears, oh yah and getting the honey gel whatever in my mouth. I wasn't being a good patron though...Nicole is fabulous!! WE LOVE YOU!!