Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let Freedom Ring!

While who I voted for didn't win, it sure was an exciting day. As I walked in my city library to vote, I really felt grateful to live in a nation where we are all able to vote. How awesome that all of our voices can be heard. I thought McCain's speech was gracious and moving. And while I don't agree with Obama on so many issues, I do think it amazingly wonderful to have a black president. It does say a great deal about how far our nation has come. It just makes me so dang sad that people really don't think that abortion is a big deal. How can you be Christian and think it is OK? Anyway, it definitely was a historic night. The silver lining was that both props 8 & 102 passed!


G-rant said...

half black, heather. half black.

Chuck said...

Hey Heather we are on the same page with abortion. It breaks my heart that part of our society has justified themselves into a false and distructive idea. Holding our sweet baby just reminds me of how pure and innocent these babies are. I treasure it. Tif

GRodenberg said...

I thought he was only 1/8 black?